Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Our Mothership Adventures has a Facebook page! After thinking about it for at least a year, I decided it is time. Often as we are mothershiping aka traveling, we don't get great internet which is too bad as our most interesting happenings are on the road, so even if we can't blog, we can at least send facebook updates from our iPhones.

So head on over to like us so you don't miss anything important:)

I also updated the Homeschooling page here on the blog. We are about to start our fourth year of homeschooling (really unbelievable - I wasn't so sure we'd make it through our first), and there have been small changes to our curriculum. We'll still use AOP Monarch, as it has worked great for us, and is perfect for roadschooling.


Mothership-blogi löytyy nyt facebookista! Etenkin reissuilla, jolloin netti ei toimi ja on vaikea tehdä blogipostauksia, voimme lähettää reissupäivityksiä facebookiin. Kurkista tänne, ja tykkää sivuistamme, ettet vaan missaa mitään mielenkiintoista:)

Kotikoulusivu on myös päivitetty, muttei vieläkään suomeksi, harmi.

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