Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kiwi Crate!


Today Little Miss and I are SO thrilled to review a Kiwi Crate with you all!

My sister told us about this fun way to crafts. Kiwi Crates are filled with craft projects, all needed supplies, and instructions on how to do them. They are geared toward 3-7 year olds, but in my opinion even older children would enjoy these crafts.

You can sign up for either a regular monthly or gift subscription ($19.95/month + free shipping) or if you just want to try one crate first, you can buy a single crate ($19.95+ shipping) from the Kiwi Crate Shop.


The crate was beautifully packaged and put together with quality supplies. Even the instruction pamphlet was printed on a thick paper. The scissors that came with our crate were nice and sturdy.

Our crate had three projects:
Project One: Spinning Colors 
Design and color different patterns. With a spin of your top, observe new colors and patterns.
Project Two: Stained Glass
Make a colorful stained glass, hang it in the window, and watch it catch the sun.
Project Three: Tissue Tie Dye Bag
Create a colorful tie-dyed bag. Perfect for toting books and snacks.


For our review purposes we chose to do the stained glass project.


On her own, Little Miss (age 7) organized all needed supplies out, and got to work.


Each craft project came with clear instructions, even telling us how messy it was going to be (this one low on messy scale), and how much parental help was needed (this one low).


And we are done! Stained Glass art by Little Miss! She was so pleased and proud of her accomplishment.


The kit came with this super cool blue glasses that made looking at the stained glass very interesting.


So much fun! Little Miss has now tried all projects in our crate, and loved each one. And even the one that required more help from an adult and was high on messy scale wasn't really.

If you have multiple small children you can either make them share various projects in the Kiwi Crate, or order sibling add-ons.

While you can find all the instructions yourself, and either go buy supplies or order them online, and maybe save some money, I have to confess I know I wouldn't. Most of us are busy moms, whether we homeschool or not, and having a crate like this shipped to you every month is a huge blessing - to you and your child/ren.

Also, if you are a traveling family, like we are, you can pause your subscription while on the road, and continue again when you get back home.

Which all is enough for us to want to sign up! (Sign up through this link for $10 off!!)

Kiwi Crate and Polarn O. Pyret have a Spring giveaway going on right now. Check out details here. Good luck!

And a huge Thank You to Kiwi Crate for sending us a crate to review! We loved everything about it. All our opinions are entirely our own.


  1. Saisipa Suomessakin tällaisia.


  2. Heidi, today we took the crate out again, and the big kids joined in on the fun:)

    Sirkku, vaikka varmaan helposti saisikin kaikki tarvikkeet, on tää tosi kätevää saada pakkaus postissa kerran kuukaudessa..

  3. I've wondered what would be in those Kiwi crates! Fun!

  4. Looks like so much fun!!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm here from the hop!

  5. Thanks for visiting, laughwithusblog & Katie! Our next crate is on its way, yay:)

  6. Kivan näköistä puuhaa.

    Hyvää pääsiäistä!

    1. Nurkkalintu, ollaan jo askarreltu seuraavakin pakkaus, tosi kiva juttu Pikkuneidille! Ja isotkin välillä innostuvat<3