Saturday, June 7, 2014

Busted/Kiinni jäit!

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Uh-oh, busted! Both Little Miss splashing all over the bathroom, and mama for secretly snapping pictures during bath time. Is anything sacred anymore??

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I should have realized this wasn't going to be any regular bath time when Little Miss asked for her swim goggles.

And reached for the turkey baster. Turkey baster makes a great bath toy. It can really spray water far.

Baths sure are fun.

A fun way to wash the bathroom floor ;-)


Niin jäi kiinni Pikkuneiti vedellä roiskimisesta kuin mama (salaa) kuvaamisesta! Kivaa oli molemmilla, ja tuli vessan lattiakin pestyä hyvin:)


  1. Ihana! Ei tassa muuta voi sanoa! :)

  2. That is just way too cute! At our house it's flat wooden spoons and ladles and bowls. The flat spoon is Barbie's diving board.

  3. Love it!! What a cutie pie! (And gorgeous tub!) ;)

  4. Completely unrelated to these photographs, but do you have a Finnish accent?

  5. Sharron, that's creative, too:)

    Thank you, Bethany! It's the world's comfiest tub, too - nice and deep.

    Anonymous, yes, yes I do. Can you hear it through the writings? :)