Friday, November 20, 2015

Cleft Palate Surgery/Kitalakihalkioleikkaus

Early in the morning yesterday we arrived at the hospital for Mei Mei's cleft palate surgery. We had tried to explain to Mei Mei what was happening, but we don't know how much she understood. She knew something different was happening, and wasn't so sure about the nurses and doctors checking her out. I kept praying for God to grant her the peace that passes all understanding.

The surgery went well. She first had tubes put in her ears, as we had had a checkup on Wednesday with our ENT doctor, and had found out she still had fluid in her ears. Next was the palate repair. It lasted two or three hours. Plus time in recovery room before we could see her.

It turns out her palate was wider than anticipated, so there may be another surgery down the road, but we don't need to worry about that right now. The surgery went well, and there was minimal bleeding.

She was uncomfortable most of yesterday, and wanted mama to hold her. Daddy was a great second, too, and we got our first smiles last night when Mr A and Little Miss stopped by.

In the evening Mei Mei started to calm down, I was able to put her on the bed, and she even signed and attempted to speak some. It was difficult as she had no-nos (arm restraints) on and her tongue had a stitch on to keep it from rolling back.

She wanted to drink water and apple juice and even had clear broth last night. The hospital had soft tender-care feeders with a small tube going into her mouth, so nothing would hurt the palate or the stitches in her mouth.

This morning Mei Mei is doing great! She has been calm, and sleeping in the crib. She woke up regularly at night, the nurse and I would give her meds (she doesn't care for it), and she would sleep again. I had a sofa bed in the room, but needed to stay by her side all night. Fortunately there was a comfortable recliner that was brought in for me last night, so I got some sleep, too.

I am waiting for the doctors to make their rounds, but one of her surgeons came by, and was pleased how well she is doing. He clipped the stitch off her tongue, and that immediately made Mei Mei feel more comfortable.

She needs to be seen by a few more people, but it looks like we can go home today!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers. God is so good. We have been comforted by so many people lifting her up to our Heavenly Father in their prayers around the world, and have loved all the notes on Facebook and here on the blog. Thanks also for all the emails and texts!

We will keep posting on Facebook and here when we can on her progress.


Mei Mein leikkaus meni hyvin. Se alkoi eilen aamulla ennen klo 8, ensin laitettiin putket korviin, sitten oli kitalakihalkioleikkauksen vuoro. Kaiken kaikkiaan meni noin kolme tuntia. Mei Mei oli aika itkuinen eilen, halusi maman syliin (daddy oli hyvä kakkonen), ja olo oli selvästi surkea. Iltaanpäin hän alkoi rauhoittumaan, joi vettä, omenamehua ja kanalientä. Kun Kapteeni toi Mr A:n ja Pikkuneidin vierailemaan, Mei Mei virkistyi ja saimme jopa ekat hymyt.

Yö meni rauhallisesti, lääkettä annoimme hoitajan kanssa säännöllisesti (siihen tarvittiin kaksi), ja olo selvästi alkoi olla parempi. Minä nukuin vieressä mukavassa tuolissa, jonka sai nukkuma-asentoon.

Lääkäri käväisi jo aamulla, ja oli tyytyväinen kuinka hyvin Mei Mei voi. Hänen mukaansa voimme lähteä kotiin tänään, mutta odottelemme vielä muita lääkäreitä ja terapeutteja.

Kiitos teille kaikille esirukouksistanne! Taivaan Isä on niin hyvä meitä kohtaan. On ollut ihana saada viestejä ympäri maailmaa, kovasti lämmittänyt mieltä.

Laitan päivityksiä Facebookiin ja tänne kun mahis.


  1. VOi kuinka ihanaa kuulla etta kaikki on hyvin ja etta paasisitte kotiinkin jo tanaan. Kotona on kuitenkin parempi olla.... kaikkien. Haleja ja jaksamista ja kivutonta ja pikaisita paranemista Mei Meille. Olette kovasti ajatuksissa.

  2. Glad to hear that everything went so well. Speedy recovery!

  3. Glad this surgery is over and that she did so well. What a blessing you all are to each other. I keep marveling at how God has orchestrated all of this in your lives. It's beautiful. :-)

  4. Pikkuiselle kultanuppuselle pikaista paranemista!
    Siunausta! <3