Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day Surprise/Joulupäivän yllätys


Our Christmas Day surprise wasn't in the stockings...


Our surprise was waiting outside the window - the lake froze Christmas night!!!


It was a cold and beautiful day, perfect for trying out new snow toys (these scooters are great, the ski attachment comes off, the scooter folds together, and the boys can use them in our Mothership RV travels!!), and perfect for bundling up and bringing out the camera.


These shots were taken maybe 3 pm'ish - sun sets early here in the eastern U.S. The colors were gorgeous!


As was the ice - intricately frozen on our rocky shore, yet crystal clear a little ways out.


Not thick yet, but the kids (under adult supervision) slid on the ice, just a little, right on the shore where the bottom of lake is maybe two inches below ice. Until a more responsible adult came along and said: no more. Killjoy.

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Family members tolerated my camera for about a couple of minutes, before they said they needed to move to stay warm. So I snapped a few shots of the beautiful ice.

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Tonight it is supposed to start snowing again, so the lake will look a lot different again, tomorrow. I am so glad we got to see the clear ice. It was alluringly beautiful. Still. Bring on the snow!!!



Joulupäivän yllätys herätessä ei ollut joulusukkien sisältö, vaan järven jäätyminen! Kirkas jää on henkeäsalpaavan kaunis. Tänä yönä alkaa satamaan lunta taas, meille on luvattu kunnon lumimyrsky, joten aamulla ikkunasta tulee näkymään aivan erilainen näköala taas. Nämä kuvat napsin joulupäivänä, iltapäivällä ennen auringonlaskua, eli ehkä klo 15 aikoihin.


  1. Gorgeous shots! Merry Christmas :)

  2. The iced over lake is very beautiful, you sure have some amazing sights there:)

  3. It's like you live in a whole different world! It looks beautiful!

  4. Jessy, oh yes! And more and more since:) But the ice is not safe... So sad people haven't stayed away from lakes...

    Thank you, Jessica! We have some snow on the lake now, twirling lightly in the wind. Pretty, too!

    Sharron, it is.. It really is, lol!!

  5. Fabulous pictures!! So beautiful frozen lake!!!
    I wish winter arrived here as well ... we've had closer to +10°c every day... luckily up in the mountains there is plenty of snow, so with a little effort we can go up there to ski and have snow fun! :)

  6. MaaMaa, -22C here right now + wind chill. A bit too cold!! We had trouble starting our car today..