Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Much Fun/Lumileikkejä

6cousins 7cousins

We are loving all this snow in Maine!


And what makes it even more fun is sharing it with our cousins!!


Fortunately the temps have been pretty mild for our Virginia cousins, and we've been outside pretty much every day. Some days as many times as we have dry snow clothes for:)

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Playing in snow is hard work, though. Breaks are needed!


We also get to explore the nature. Fresh tracks and fresh deer droppings!

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Hello, Mama! Hello Baby Sis! Hello, Auntie!

Hopefully these pictures show up without trouble. I made the mistake of changing my flickr settings, and most pics disappeared. Boo. I'm still working on it, but might be next week, as we are having friends over this weekend! Counting 24 people at our camp this weekend - yay!


Nautimme täysin sydämin lumesta ja serkuista!! Ja tänä viikonloppuna meitä tulee olemaan 24 täällä:)
Vaihdoin flickr-asetuksiani, ja valitettavasti melkein kaikki kuvat katosivat blogista:( Yritän vielä korjata asetuksia, että saisin kuvat takaisin..


  1. That looks like so, so much fun! I'm sure you are enjoying having your sister there.

  2. A true winter wonderland! Kuvista välittyy sekä lasten että S plus S siskosten riemu ja ilo. Ihanaa oloa teille kaikille!

  3. Sharron & Jutta, we've had such a blast. Great times with my sis & her kids, and we had super fun with the big group, too. No time to blog, though:)

  4. WOW! Snow Much Fun! Cool pictures.

    God bless! <3