Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More (Mis)Adventures/Lisää seikkailuja

After leaving Jamestown and Virginia, we continued having road trip (mis)adventures. The Mothership needed brakes replaced in route, then the transmission went bust. We picked up an old van as our (smaller) Florida vehicle, only to have a flat tire the first day.

We barely got the RV to the repair shop, as it would conk out on us at stop lights. Fun, fun, not.

However, the if the timing ever could be good, it was for us. Our transmission and flat tire trouble happened on the day we moved into our little rental house on the beach. So we didn't actually have to live in the Mothership at the repair shop (been there, done that - even the brakes repair took six hours).

After a week at the beach, we are starting to breathe easier, and get into our work and homeschool routines. We even met the folks from Frolicking Flamingo here at the beach. Here's their blog post on our get together, and the picture from above is from that night, too. Fun evening!!

Life is good! God is so good!


Asuntoauto-ongelmien ja auto-ongelmien jälkeen olemme rannalla! Sinä päivänä, kun piti viedä asuntoauto korjattavaksi, saimme muuttaa Floridan vuokrataloomme. Aaah, aurinko paistaa, ja elämä hymyilee - mieli on kiitollinen Jumalan siunauksista.


  1. Whew! Yikes! Glad the beach put smiles on everyone's face! =)

  2. Thanks, Bethany! We so love the beach:)

  3. I want to join you on a misadventure... looks like you are having a wonderful time!!!!

  4. I want to join you on a misadventure! It looks like you are having a wonderful time and I would love to be at the beach about now!!!

  5. West coast of Florida?!? That's my neck of the woods! Next time count me in! :)

  6. Gayly, thanks! Since our misadventures, we've been having a wonderful time on the beach<3

    Teaching Stars, we'll be here for a little bit longer, then again in the fall:)