Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Twitter Travels (so far)/Tien päällä

Since June first, we have been on the road again. And I haven't blogged. This is a travel (/homeschooling/family blog). Lame. Once we get to Maine I will try to post some pics of our travels. Until then, you can follow our travels via Twitter (I can tweet from my phone, but haven't mastered blogging from my phone yet).

To catch up on June tweets, I copied and pasted them here. At the moment we are in Pennsylvania Amish country, and I will tweet along as we travel. You can see the tweets on the sidebar of our blog, or click here to follow along. I occasionally post photos and maps, too.

(Olemme olleet tien päällä koko kesäkuun, valitettavasti en ole saanut laitettua tänne meidän reissusta.. Mutta twitterin kautta voi seurata reissuamme, klikkaa täältä.)

So, in a list of odd things I've ever done, last night is one: we slept in our in the service bay of Camping World service dept..

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