Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Disney Stop/Disney-pysäkki


Our last stop in Florida was Orlando. We sort of did Disney the cheap way: plenty of fun on a shoe string budget. Which, believe it or not, is possible "where dreams come true" :-)

This is what we did:

- We stayed at Fort Wilderness Campground in our RV {the Mothership}

- We stocked up on food, and some special things we normally don't buy at Publix

- We ate all meals (except one) in our RV, utilizing our grill and crockpot

- Instead of amusement parks we played in the campground pool complex

- and could have watched the Chip and Dale sing-a-long show and outdoor movie, but decided to skip those because of rain (we had seen the show last time we were there, and had plenty of our own movies in the Mothership). Fort Wilderness Campground has all kinds of other activities, too, if you want to pay, so we skipped archery, boat/kayak rentals etc, but you could stay very busy and not leave the campground at all

- We had campfire s'mores (brought our own, naturally), plenty of popsicles, ice cream and slushy drinks, thanks to the freezer we brought with us ;-)

- and we spent half a day at Downtown Disney, mainly looking at things, although some of the kids spent their own money at the huge Lego store

Also, our friends from New Hampshire came down to do Disney parks for a few days, so we planned a little get-together at Downtown Disney. We all had dinner at T-Rex, which was a fun and yummy place to hang out with our friends (thanks, B family!!!).

All in all, a great way to do Disney! Especially on a super rainy week...


Floridassa viimeinen pysäkkimme oli Disney, mutta ilman huvipuistoja, eli teimme köyhän perheen Disney-reissun. Olimme muutaman yön Disneyn leirintäalueella, mikä on yksi meidän lempipaikoistamme. Heillä on kiva uima-allasalue, Tiku ja Taku-show, ulkoilmaelokuva ja nuotiot, joissa voi paistaa vaahtokarkkeja. Söimme kaikki ateriat asuntoautossa, paitsi yhden, jolloin treffasimme New Hampshiren ystäviämme T-Rex-ravintolassa. Vietimme myös puolipäivää Downtown Disneyn 'ostoskylässä', jonne sentään pääsee ilmaiseksi, heh. Osa lapsista osti omilla rahoillaan legoja isosta Lego-kaupasta. Joka päivä oli sateista, mutta silti oli hauska pysäkki!

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