Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Miles/Viimeiset kilometrit

Before we head on our next trip, I am trying to quickly put together some collages to wrap up the blog posts of our last trip. This is probably it, although we took some neat pics of (some of) the kids in Pennsylvania I am hoping still to post, plus a couple of collages of Maine pictures. We'll see... I am also trying to wrap up our school year, and pack for this next trip, so can't spend too long here - even if this is our online scrapbook, especially designed to record our adventures.

Anyways... Once we crossed into the state of Maine:


We decided to leave our beloved Mothership in the Captain's parents' barn, instead of driving it all the way up to our camp in northern Maine. That meant we spent Father's day scrubbing the RV, scrubbing a boat our friends gave us (thank you, B&P!!), washing our car, getting an oil change, organizing, cleaning, washing laundry and packing our belongings. Probably not the way Captain had envisioned Father's day happening, although he did get coffee in bed:)


So sad to leave the Mothership behind, although look at her pad - pretty nice lodgings, thanks to Grandma & Grandpa!!!

That evening we made it up north, completely wiped, but happy. Happy to be back in our camp, thankful we had had such a fantastic trip to Florida and back!


Yritän täällä äkkiä rustata näitä reissun blogipostauksia, ennen kuin lähdemme uudelle matkalle. Floridan reissumme vipat kilometrit ajoimme täällä Mainen osavaltiossa. Päätimme jättää asuntoauton Kapteenin vanhempien autotalliin, joten vietimme amerikkalaisen isänpäivän siivotessa ja organisoidessa ajoneuvoja ja kamojamme. Huh, mikä päivä! Ja illalla vielä ajoimme mökillemme pohjoiseen.

Ihana olla täällä mökillämme, etenkin kun takana on oikein onnistunut Floridan reissu!

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