Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It snowed some more yesterday. Little Miss, Mr D and I went snowshoeing for a little while.

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First time this winter, and it took just about longer to adjust and strap on snowshoes than our walk in the snow. Bigger feet, bigger boots. Again.

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Such an adventure to head to the woods, walking in untouched snow, and finding animal tracks and markings.

Even with snowshoes we kept sinking in the snow. Fluffy at times, heavier here and there. It was hard work!

Going downhill was interesting on snowshoes! Maybe we'll strap sleds to our backs next time.

Walking on ice was a bit easier than in the woods.

Next time we'll have to bring some treats along so we can take a little picnic break.

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On our way back snow started falling faster and heavier, creating a wonderful white world.

We sure are enjoying our winter adventures.

PS. Nancy at Ordinary Miracles is offering another Manual'N More Photography class for beginners. Same class I took last year - and I highly recommend it! Nancy is a wonderful teacher, and I got so much out of the class. If you are interested, sign up soon - Nancy's classes fill up quick!


Eilen kävin lumikenkäilemässä Mr D:n ja Pikkuneidin kanssa ensimmäistä kertaa tänä talvena. Ihana harrastus, tänään uudestaan:)

Ja laitoin tuohon englanniksi linkin valokuvakurssille, sinne voi ilmoittautua, vaikkei Usassa asuisikaan. Suosittelen!


  1. Oi kuinka kivoja kuvia! Ja tuo viimeinen on mielettoman upea!

  2. In one of my old story books from when I was little, there is a story called the Snowshoe Rabbits. I thought of you all when we read it a few weeks ago. BTW, what kind of camera do you have. I would love to be able to get Callie a good one. She really enjoys photography.

  3. So much fun!!! Though I'm feeling a little anxious for you, having to tote around the camera on shifty, snowy ground, ha ha! =)

  4. Sharron, somewhere you recommended Valentine Bears, we loved that book!!! I think I'll check into Snowshoe Rabbits next:)

    Bethany, I never did have trouble with the camera in the snow, but two weeks ago slipped and fell and dropped my phone in the snow :-/ It still works, might need to get more weatherproofed cover..