Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Traveling South/Etelään matkaamista

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Exactly a week ago we left our camp in Maine. We spent one night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and visited with cousins, too. Grandma had been working on old photos - such treasures - and here we are looking at one album. (Notice the stink eye? I didn't, until I was editing the photos.)

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On our way out of Maine we stopped in Portland for a business meeting. Near the wharf. It was a cold, windy day, and I only stepped out of the car to take these two photos. And stop at Trader Joe's to stock up on munchies for our road trip.

Since we had left the Mothership in Virginia, we had to squeeze into our car, and ended up driving to Norfolk in two days, staying in a hotel in New Jersey. Other than heavy snow on our way out of New England, we had smooth travels. I had brought two Christmas presents with me: "Alone, Not Yet Alone", and "Unbroken", and I read aloud as the Captain drove. We finished the first one, and got to chapter eight on the second one. Both amazing stories.

We picked up the Mothership, and parked at my sister's curb for one night. And then the Captain drove off. With Mr D, Mr A and Missy. They made it to Florida the next day, and Little Miss and I will join them later. Mr T is here in Virginia, too, and most likely will stay even longer.

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We have been enjoying the milder temperatures of Virginia, and playing with the cousins. We've all been doing school, too, and almost could have had a one-room schoolhouse as my nephews are using the same core curriculum as Little Miss is. Our nephews, however, are six weeks ahead of us. Only. (Cough, cough.)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

My sister's baby is due in less than two weeks. Little Miss and I are hoping to meet baby girl before we leave.. Stay tuned:)

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Thank you so much to all of you, dear readers, who kept voting for our blog last month. We found out today Our Mothership Adventures won Best Photos Category! We are so grateful to your support, and thrilled for this honor. And a huge thank you to The Homeschool Post for this fun event, and all their hard work!


Kiitos teille jokaiselle lukijalle ja äänestäjälle!! Blogimme voitti valokuvakategorian! Ilman teitä emme olisi pärjänneet...

Terkut täältä Virginiasta, Mr T, Pikkuneiti ja minä jäimme siskoni luokse, ja Kapteeni ajoi asuntoautolla jo Floridaan viikonloppuna. Pikkuneidin kanssa odottelemme josko siskoni vauva syntyisi meidän täälläoloaikana, ja Mr T aikoo jäädä lopputalveksi tädin ja sedän luokse. Kotikoulu on upean joustavaa!


  1. Toivottavasti naette pikkuisen ennen kuin lahdette sielta Floridaan! Ja on kylla katevaa kun vaan voi lahettaa osan lapsista etukateen isan kanssa eteenpain ja jattaa jalkeensa yhden lapsen kun itse jatkaa matkaa. :)

  2. Onnittelut valokuvakategorian voitosta!

  3. Eikös, Ina:) Vielä saan odotella täällä hyvillä mielin, saa nähdä koska Kapteeni alkaa kyselemään takaisintulosta...

    Kiitos, Soile!!!