Monday, May 25, 2015

FPEA 2015 Homeschool Convention

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We just got back from FPEA homeschool convention in Orlando. We had a fantastic weekend. Here are some of our highlights in a random order.

1) We met up with Mr. D! He has become one of our homeschool heroes with his high school math curriculum! I honestly wanted to go grab the loud speaker and tell everyone to go stop by Mr. D's booth! All four of my high schoolers had a fantastic year of Geometry last year, and they are signing up for the summer Algebra II course! Yes! They want to**. If you are not familiar with Mr. D Math, make sure check it out here. (We also enjoyed meeting Mrs. D, and the mini D's:)

** Mr A is not sure - he is still working on finishing 10th grade, and going on a mission's trip this summer, but we are thinking he'll start the class, and if it's too much, he can do it over the fall. Ironically Mr A is missing from the picture, because he was working on his final Geometry exam!

2) This year's Keynote speakers were excellent! We really enjoyed meeting Megan and Steve Scheibner (and some of their eight children) from Characterhealth. Steve shared from his 911 story In My Seat, and I attended Megan's session on finding our children's (and our own) God-stories. Both sessions I laughed and cried.

The Scheibners are passionate about American families, and have a variety of helpful tools to have healthy marriages and families. They have a strong desire to equip today’s parents to raise the next generation of character healthy leaders. You can sign up for email tips, and find their blogs, videos and online store here.

3) We had many great conversations, and enjoyed meeting and visiting with vendors and companies who were exhibiting. The Captain and I met Mary Prather from Homegrown Learners! We've been online friends for many years, and it was so nice to finally meet in person. Her blog is a wonderful resource for homeschoolers, and for those considering homeschooling.

We stopped by the Alpha Omega Publications booth to meet up with old friends. While we aren't using AOP Monarch this year, we will always be grateful for AOP, and friends who directed us to their curriculum (SOS first year). We would not be homeschooling if it wasn't for their material. It served us so well for many years.

One of my highlights was meeting Sarita Holzmann from Sonlight. Little Miss and I have so loved using Core B this past year, the books we have read have become favorites, and it has been such a great fit for us overall. For the teens, too! It was an honor to meet the co-founder of Sonlight, and hear her speak. Such a wonderful, godly lady!

4) Having the convention at the beautiful Gaylord Palms is always a treat. The kids love the outdoor waterpark, the beautiful atrium and fort with turtles and alligators, and having many friends (new and old!) to hang out with!

5) Little Miss lost another tooth while at the convention! She has a way of losing teeth anywhere, but home:)

6) And after the convention we met dear friends for lunch at Celebration. It was a perfect way to end our weekend away!

Thank you, FPEA, for another fantastic convention!


Vietimme viikonlopun kotikoulukonferenssissa. Oli todella mukava reissu. Hyviä puhujia, paljon materiaalia ja informaatiota, uusia ja vanhoja ystäviä, ja loistava hotelli, missä konferenssi pidettiin. Kotiinlähtiessä vielä treffasimme New Hampshiren aikaiset ystävämme lounaalla. Onnistunut viikonloppu!


  1. A GREAT convention! I've only been to the Maine one once...I think I'd like one with a waterpark better! LOL

  2. You should come to the Florida one, Jessy ;-)

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad I got the chance to meet you as well! Blessings to you and your family as you continue your homeschool adventure.

  4. Thank you so much, Mrs. Holzmann! You made my day:)

  5. How does the Gaylord Palms handle larger families? Do they have suites? Just curious...we are a larger family of 6 and plan on attending this year but just can't spring the cost of 2 rooms so I am trying to see if we must stay off site.... It would be nice if they held it at a venue that could accommodate larger families in an economical manner....

  6. How does the Gaylord Palms handle larger families? Do you know if they offer suites. We are a larger family and plan on attending but don't want to reserve 2 rooms. Just wondering if you knew as I am sure there are quite a few larger sized home school families out there. It would be nice if they held it in a venue that could accommodate larger families in a suite or something similar.....

  7. I am so sorry for the delayed response, Travelingmomofthree! When you book a room there you get up to five waterpark wrist tags, I believe. You can separately pay for more, but it is very $$$. Or get another room. We have loved going there, but it truly isn't ideal for the bigger families...