Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adoption Day

Our first morning with Mei Mei was wondrous - here she is...! Finally!

She fell asleep on me, then I was able to put her down into the crib where she slept through the whole night. (Thank You, God!!!)

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We had to head out early to finish the adoption procedures. She officially became a part of the Mothership Crew on July 28th!

Paperwork was signed, my fingerprint and Mei Mei's footprint taken with red ink, and an adoption photo taken for the certificate. It is official - she is our little girl now, and there is one orphan less in this world..

As difficult as it was for Mei Mei and her nannies to be together again, then separated, it was so good. She was sooo happy to go back to her nanny. When it was time for us to leave, and her nanny gave her back to me, and Mei Mei threw a fit. She was not happy. After the initial rage was over, she was sad, and let me comfort her. I was not able to put her down, at all.
(In fact for a few days I had to sneak showers and quiet time around 5 am because the rest of the time I was holding her.)

We fully believe our Heavenly Father answered our prayers and had been preparing little Mei Mei's heart for us. While she was so sad, she was accepting us (first mama), and connected with us. We got our first smile on adoption day at the bank! Thanks to my iPhone:)

Before returning to the hotel our guide took us to a supermarket to get formula, diapers, and ointment for Mei Mei's bug bites. She said mosquito bites, but we think black flies, as they bothered us a little, too.

Little Miss wanted to swim again, so we went to the pool. It was pretty cute, Mei Mei was so worried about Little Miss and Mr A in the water! She kept pointing at them and looking concerned. She tried to tell me something, but I couldn't understand. I answered back, and she would look at me with big eyes:)

We had dinner out together, then walked in the park by the river next to our hotel. Little Miss brought bubbles, but Mei Mei was not too impressed.

So hot. We heard from many people Wuhan is one the three hottest cities in China, and we believe it. I am choosing to carry Mei Mei to help with attachment and bonding, but it does make us both dripping wet.

Our hearts are so full. Mei Mei is so beautiful, and doing so well considering what she is going through. We know God has been preparing the road for us, and it is amazing to walk in it. Thank you all for praying for us - we feel God's presence so clearly.


  1. So enjoying following your journey -- sharing all of your posts and FB pictures with my kiddos, too!

  2. These posts are making me cry! So touching...
    I will keep praying for you as your family comes to mind!