Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday in Wuhan

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The night after our orphanage visit was difficult. Mei Mei woke up many times whimpering, and pointing to the door. I felt like somehow she was understanding this monumental change in her life, and was grieving her losses. Maybe I am wrong, but in any case I am thankful she let me comfort her in her sadness and/or sleepless night. Grieving is normal, and healthy, and needed.

We were scheduled to visit a museum in Wuhan (hopefully another blog post!). While there, it was like Mei Mei woke up! She showed us an incredibly playful and silly side of her, making us laugh and laugh. It seemed that she had accepted us and was feeling safe and happy, at least for the moment.

In the afternoon we learned she was comfortable enough with us to throw a temper tantrum! Any time she didn't get her way, she would pucker up her cute little face, and get mad. Anything nearby would fly, and she would be furious!

The picture above is actually her offended face, not really her mad face. She can be a little faker, lol!!

After the museum Mr A and Little Miss went swimming. Mei Mei and I were just going to hang out, until from her pointing I started realizing she wants to get in, too!

She LOVES the water!! We'll make a good little Florida girlie out of this one:)

She also loves to eat, and she loves her big sis Little Miss and big bro Mr A! She calls me mama, and is learning signs. It is amazing to watch as she is starting to understand us. We are so blessed!


  1. Voi ihanuus noita kuvia! Niin taysin sydameen menevia! <3

  2. Vähän kerrallaan hän alkaa luottaa ja sitten kiintyä. Rakkaus lapseen kasvaa ja lopulta hän alkaa rakastaa teitä. Kiitos, kun jaat nämä mullistavat tunteet kanssamme, Sennia! Voimia teille kaikille!!

  3. Ei voi kuin huokailla ihastuksesta!
    Hän on niin suloinen! <3


  4. There is so much I want to say. A novel really, but I'll stick with this. And really it is the least important thing.
    The light in the hotel room! WOW! With windows that went to the floor is SO pretty! What a fabulous setting for your images!