Monday, October 12, 2015


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Little Miss loves to watch videos on my iPad. Often, when I become aware of her being clued to the device, I start to give her something else to do. Until I see what she is watching. 90% of the time she is watching videos of science experiments!

(Sheesh, these homeschoolers!:)

This was another one she had given me a list of ingredients to buy for. Since I was going to make this face wash which used some of the same ingredients anyway, I added beeswax to the list, and we spent one of Mei Mei's nap times cooking up something in the kitchen...

Homemade lip balm! We want to tweak our recipe a bit more, making it softer, and adding more peppermint essential oil... But this is one of the recipes we used (Little Miss had another one she had found on YouTube). We also want to decorate the jars a bit more.

(As an added bonus, here's another healthy and inexpensive recipe: I make this to use as a face moisturizer.)


Tällä kertaa Pikkuneiti teki kotitekoista huulirasvaa maman kanssa. Resepti löytyy englanniksi yllä, kuin myös kasvojen puhdistusaine ja kasvoöljy.

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