Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rubik's Cube Competition

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One early Saturday morning this month the Captain and I took Missy to Orlando for a Rubik's Cube competition.

Missy has been cubing for about a year now, and this was her second competition.

In her first competition she was solving her three by three in about 30 seconds each time, making her place in the middle of the competitors, and giving her a fantastic first experience.

This time she had gotten her average solving time to 20 seconds or so, which really is so fast. It looks as if her fingers fly with the cube. The competition was very tough this time, and Missy placed about 30th in maybe 60 cubers, but she was so happy to be able to participate, and meet others as passionate about her hobby as she is.

She also competed in a Pyraminx and a Four by Four for the first time. What a great experience! We are so proud of our Missy!!

(Little Miss and the boys did a wonderful job babysitting Mei Mei! And Mei Mei did really well. We facetimed and called each other a few times throughout the day, and were so pleased to have a good first 'longer' babysitting experience. It's great having built-in sitters:)

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  1. Hienoa! Tämmöisistä kisoista en tiennytkään.
    Täältä lähetän paljon rispektiä! :-)