Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Swim/Joulukuun uinti

This morning as I gazed at the lake, I thought I saw something. If you look closely at the shoreline, you might see little bits of ice floating on the water, barely noticeable.

There was only one thing to do.


Mr A went first.

Then it was my turn.

Aah, what an amazing feeling!!! So exhilarating!! You should try it, too:) We'll have to see, but I'm pretty sure we can still go in tomorrow, and the Captain's aunt has promised to dip in with us!

That dash of red in the window? That's Mei Mei. I wonder what she was thinking...

A couple of hours after our dips, the lake started changing again.

By three in the afternoon, there was a sheer layer of ice covering most of what we could see. Mr A and I sure were glad we had listened to the call of the lake, and had our swim before the lake froze over!


Mr A ja minä kävimme pikaisella uinnilla järvessä, juuri ennen kuin pinta jäätyi. Kaikki kuvat ovat tältä päivältä - ehdimme juuri ja juuri:) Mahtava tunne!

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