Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mei Mei's First Camping Trip/Mei Mein eka asuntoautoreissu!

We reached a very important milestone in Mei Mei's life last month! Not only did she get a new mouth on the inside (how we explained her cleft palate surgery to Mei Mei), Mei Mei got to go on her very first camping trip in the Mothership!

Because of the circumstances, those two milestones were combined...

Yes, we actually stayed in the Mothership at a campground during Mei Mei's surgery!

We ended up traveling as a mini family, and all five of us stayed in the Mothership one night. Then Mei Mei and mama stayed in the hospital the next night, while the Captain spent the night in the Mothership with Little Miss and Mr A.

I love how our Heavenly Father takes care of all the little (and big!) details in our lives. Our dear friends, the P family, was camping at the same campground that week. We had a wonderful time visiting with them, and Mr A and Little Miss hang out with them a most of Thursday when Mei Mei had her surgery.
(We LOVED the campground decorations at the P site - the green fairy lights were magical! Thanks for all the meals, too, N!)

We so enjoyed our little camping trip, and can't wait to go back, hopefully soon! We have a few favorite campgrounds in Florida, and this is number one in our book.

We do have to iron out some kinks - the sleeping arrangements need to be figured out. The Mothership is so narrow Mei Mei's portacrib won't fit in the hallway, and sleeping next to Little Miss didn't really work out. But we'll think of something:)

As we were leaving the campground the day after Mei Mei's surgery, a little raccoon came out to say hello. Or possibly join our crew?


Mei Mei pääsi ensimmäiselle asuntoautoreissulleen marraskuussa - yövyimme Mothership'issä ennen leikkausta, ja sen yhden sairaalayön, kun Mei Mei ja mama olimme sairaalassa, Kapteeni yöpyi asuntoautossa Mr A:n ja Pikkuneidin kanssa. Meidän ystävämme olivat samalla leirintäalueella koko viikon (näitä ihania Taivaan Isän ajoituksia!), ja leikkauspäivänä Mr A ja Pikkuneiti hengailivat heidän kanssaan melkein koko päivän.

Niin ihanaa oli pitkästä aikaa olla leirintäalueella ja asuntoautossa, että pian pitää päästä uudestaan. Pitää vaan keksiä paremmat nukkumisjärjestelyt, Mei Mei eikä Pikkuneiti kumpikaan nukkuneet kovin hyvin vierekkäin. Muuten meillä oli oikein kivaa leirintäalueella.

Lähtiessä pieni pesukarhu tuli meitä hyvästelemään, tai kenties olisi tullut mukaan Mothership'iin?

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