Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I received some great questions in the comments about traveling in a motorhome. I started to answer them but realized the answers would be quite lengthy for a comment box, so I decided to do a Q&A blog post. If you have questions about (our) RV-traveling, leave them in a comment box and I will try to answer them in the next post.

Sain hyviä kysymyksiä asuntoautomatkailusta(mme) kommenteissa, ja päätin tehdä niistä uuden postauksen. Voit siis jättää kysymyksiä kommentteihin, yritän vastata niihin parhaani mukaan seuraavassa postauksessa.


  1. Do you plan on using that "Beast" in road trip to the plains? Just before you get to Colorado on I-70 is a wonderful family you should visit.

  2. Just curious whether theMothership has a proper air condition? I mean it can be sometimes really hot during the summer. I also wonder how many miles it is possible to drive in between filling the tank. How handy is it to cook meaning can the windows be opened to get the smoke etc. out well?

    I bet none of you do suffer from any motion sickness because even the kids are able to read or use computers during the drive which is very good and crucial on the long drives. Good for you!!

  3. congrats on your Mothership and don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it work on the road. Sure you have to adapt a bit, but how cool is it to start your days with a new scene outside your front window every day?

    18 months
    24,000 miles
    only 10 paid nights in an RV park
    LOVING life on the road


    The Houck Family!

  4. How do you cope with washing? I know how much seven people produce....


  5. We stop at laundromats along the road and always keep extra quarters handy. We've found that relatively regardless of the number of loads, when everyone is helping, we can roll through it all in about 2 hours, folded and back on the road.

    -The Houcks

  6. Dear Anonymous, our 3 boys, 2 girls, 2 wacky adults would LOVE to invade your house! We will bring our laundry too ;-)

    Jutta, I will answer your questions in the upcoming blog post, but yes, the kiddos do really well traveling, very rarely does anyone get motion sickness.

    Chad, thank you for your comments and welcome to our blog! I found your website and blog really interesting, spent some time reading there this morning (congrats on your newest family member!), but wasn't able to comment for some reason. I am in awe of your travel experiences!! Do you stay at churches or at friends?

    Skottimama, last Fall on our travels we used the campgrounds laundry machines or brought our laundry to our friends houses (we have awesome friends!!!). In Florida I loved how little laundry we had! Our wardrobes consisted of 2-3 sets of bathing suits and rash guard shirts and pajamas - I wasn't washing laundry every day like at home :)

  7. 5ennie- I hope I fixed the comments issue by loosening the requirements. Thanks for your congrats on Bethany! She is doing great and we're back on the road in two weeks.
    On the overnights question: We stay at churches when we're either speaking or working with them on an outreach, friends driveways when we have them in town, and even try to make new friends when we don't. (see )

    When none of that pans out, we head for any of the following: Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, or highway rest stops. We've also simply pulled off on the side of a county road or a truck stop if the eyes are drooping!

  8. Chad, the no comments may have been user error too ;-) Your blog is little different from blogger, and I see now where I would leave a comment. I bookmarked your blog and will follow along!