Thursday, June 24, 2010

Missing Child And Other Tales/Kadonnut lapsi jne.

Today has been one of those days. My plans to tackle the pantry, kitchen cupboards & linen closet (I know, I know, I meant to do the linen closet yesterday, but conquered the towel closet, laundry room, guest room closet, basement toy closet & one closet in my room instead - it's a full time job, I tell you!) went awry this morning when I started having a vibrating zigzag pattern on the left side of my vision after stepping out of the shower.

I knew it was a matter of minutes before the pounding, paralyzing migraine pain would come. So I took two loopy pills, grabbed an ice pack and coffee, set breakfast ready for the sleeping Little Miss, and went straight back to bed. The big kids are away at camp this week (making my house cleaning project a lot easier - especially when it comes to the kids' rooms), but we have a friend staying at our house so I wasn't too concerned about Little Miss.

After she had woken up she quietly played on my bed while I slept the migraine off for a couple of hours. I got up to have lunch with Little Miss, thinking I was feeling much better, ready to organize those closets when the zigzagging started again. Here we go again! I grabbed a new ice pack, a coke and put a movie on for Little Miss, then disappeared under the darkness of the covers again.

So that has been my day. When I woke up again sometime this afternoon (not sure when - just a moment ago I thought it was about 4 pm when my sister confirmed on the phone it's almost 7 pm), Little Miss was happily making homemade lemonade with our friend (thanks, M!).
I have now given up on the closets and just has been resting on the couch.

At one point I had to run upstairs, got sidetracked, and came downstairs maybe 15-30 minutes later. A few minutes later our friend came down too and we realized Little Miss wasn't with either one of us. No worries, she is into hide and seek, so we figured she was hiding in a laundry basket or in a clean closet or something. But after looking everywhere and calling out saying we needed her to come out of her hiding spot, we just could not find her. She was nowhere! I started to panic a little, I had visions of telling the police officers I hadn't seen my 4-year old in about 10, no 20, no 45 minutes, but that I really am a great mom!

Trying not to hyperventilate I continued calling her and looking for her, when I finally spotted some toes, and then our missing child:

(This photo is staged, while I remembered to take a picture of our sleeping fairy, I forgot to take a pic of her toes, so had to have her go back to her hiding spot to get this pic.)

Sound asleep.


Tänään jäi suunnitellut komerot siivoamatta harvinaisen sitkeän migreenin takia. Nukuin suurimman osan päivää ja iltapäivä on mennyt vähän sekalaisessa olotilassa. Jossain vaiheessa huomasin ettei pikkuneiti ollutkaan ystävämme (joka asuu meillä tällä hetkellä) kanssa, joten aloimme etsimään tyttöä. Ensin olimme varmoja että hän leikki piilosta, mutta pian alkoi nousta paniikki kun neitiä ei löytynyt mistään vaikka kuinka etsimme ja huhuilimme. Vihdoin näin varpaat kaapin ja seinän välissä, ja sieltä nurkasta löytyi pikkuinen - nukkumasta.


  1. How scary for you, but what a sweet picture.
    I thought I had read before that caffiene caused migraines. Have you heard that or tried going off the caffeine?

  2. Caffeine definitely affects migraines, if I don't get my usual amount, it can trigger a migraine, and probably having more than usual would too. But during migraine it actually helps, at least for me. My meds have it in them too. But yes, I have tried no caffeine, also no sugar, no dairy, no soy, and other things too, and have found that diet doesn't really seem to be a trigger for me. Skipping a meal can trigger though. With migraines it's tough, it's so individual.
    Very thankful the meds do help..