Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd Day/Toka Päivä!

Love the pajamas on Little Miss? Homeschooling is great :) Mr. T on the bottom corner was reading in his bed after school.

We had a great second day of school! Yesterday was ok, but slightly frustrating as there (always) is a learning curve to a new program (I'm sure we'll continue to struggle a bit with this..), and we got such a late start since we went hiking (I added hiking pictures to my previous post!). But today we started first thing in the morning.

My 6th Graders did 5-6 lessons each (our Monarch curriculum has Language Arts, Science, Math, History & Geography and Bible, plus Mr. T is taking 7th Grade British Literature elective), and it took them about 4 hours each to complete a full day.

The surprise of the day was our preschooler! Or rather the mommy of the preschooler. Little Miss loves doing schoolwork and just wants to learn. She wants to know how to write everything, and practices hard everyday. She is actually asking to be homeschooled! It's the mommy who has a hard time being a preschool teacher. I'm lacking that homeschool mom gene of loving being a teacher (it's true - it's not my calling). Plus Little Miss could really use the structure and peer (also other adult!) interaction a preschool group provides.

However, last night The Captain & I got to go on a date (yay!), and after a yummy Indian dinner we ended up at Barnes & Nobles. I started browsing the homeschooling book section, and found these preschool books on sale ($5.98 each!). They looked like something Little Miss would enjoy, and since we don't know if she will be attending preschool or not (b/c of The Move), I picked them up. Today Little Miss was flying through them, and we BOTH had fun! Amazing!!

Maybe the Captain & I will have to go on another date, and go back for the rest of the books!

PS. No worries - I won't be posting about every single of school day :)


Toka kotikoulupäivä takana, ja se meni paljon paremmin kuin eka päivä eilen (alkuvaikeuksia)! Kuudesluokkalaisilla kesti noin 4 tuntia tehdä 5-6 oppituntia (englanti, matikka, tiede, historia&maantieto ja raamattu + yhdellä pojalla myös Englannin kirjallisuus). Meidän pikku kerholainen teki noin 1-2h kerhotehtäviä kirjoista, jotka löysin eilen illalla treffeillämme. Minun kutsumukseni ei todellakaan ole olla opettaja (tämä kotikoulu vaan sopii tämänhetkiseen elämäntilanteeseemme), mutta yllätyksekseni meillä molemmilla oli hauskaa näiden kerhokirjojen parissa!


  1. It looks great! You can post about it every day as far as I'm concerned. :) Maybe I should get a couple of those for Kate. Actually with Callie we used the Rod and Staff books and she really liked those. Their illustrations are so sweet.

  2. I haven't seen the Rod & Staff ones, but generally really dislike school books :-D Not sure why these clicked??!! They were even cheaper online ($3.99 at B&N), so I ordered 2 more. We just finished our first week, I'm glad we started with a 3-day week. Now onto our 3-day weekend :)

  3. Hi there, Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications here. Thanks for sharing your day! And thanks for posting the links to Monarch. I love the blog design, by the way!

  4. Looks like you guys are off to a great start! Tess misses your Little Miss! Our girls are so interested in learning - always asking questions (but making me look for the Tylenol pretty often!);)
    I've not checked your blog for awhile but I think I'm caught up now. Thanks for the posts and pics! When are you heading south?

  5. Thanks, Ryan! And you're welcome! I don't think I'd be homeschooling if it wasn't for SOS/Monarch, so happy to share the links :)

    Nancy, I hear you on the Tylenol ;-)
    We are still working on our schedule, but think we'll be in Florida early September. I wish we lived closer to you guys!!

  6. Täällä on tosi kaunista ja rauhallista! :)
    Ihana lukea teidän kuulumisia ja tosi kivaa, että Pikkuneitikin tykkää kotikoulusta! <3

  7. Kiitos, Lady! Nytkin pikkuneiti vierelläni kerhokirjan kanssa :)

  8. You are a fantastic blogger, my friend!! I love your photographs!!

    Glad things are going well for you!! Post updates on the Monarch list when you get a chance!!


  9. Thank you, Linda <3 And will do! Overall Monarch has been great!

  10. Hi, stopping by from the PPEA! I am the forum moderator and look forward to reading more post from you on the forum. Love your blog I am one of your newest followers. Stop by my blog when ya get a chance.
    Happy Homeschooling!

  11. Welcome, Lil' Momma!! Coming over for a visit right now :)