Monday, August 23, 2010

Driving Like A Maineiac

Greetings from Maine! We had been hoping to take one last roadtrip North in the Mothership before heading back to Florida, but kept being delayed by things like water tank in our house needing to be fixed, a migraine that just wouldn't go away, and once it finally did - a back pain came to prevent sitting in the RV for hours at a time, work issues etc. Anyway, on Saturday we finally hopped in the Mothership without much planning (and some of us still in pain). We were headed to see family near Portland, so I told the kids to pack for three days and take their sleeping bags.

We had a really nice (although very short) visit with family, then decided Sunday morning to head to Rangeley for a day (something on our to-do list before FL). On our way up we had to make a stop at the laundromat, as we had discovered to our horror mice had gotten in the Mothership, and there was "evidence" of them on our BED (you are welcome for the lack of photos!)! Fortunately we had some extra sheets for Saturday night, but on Sunday our first stop was to get several loads of laundry going.

During the washing we did some brainstorming, throwing out all kinds of wild ideas out. Canada? Yes, no, maybe? Passports? Yes, no, maybe? Rangeley? Now or in a few days??
We settled on a loose plan of going to Rangeley for the day, as planned, and then possibly continuing our trip on.

After laundry some of us took the opportunity to rest while the Captain kept driving on. When we woke up, we discovered ourselves - not in Rangeley - but near Bangor! The Captain had revised the plan, and we ended up driving to a campground in Acadia National Park. Which was a great plan, because (I didn't mention this yet, did I?) we needed to empty the gray water tank and refill our water tank. Yes, we were going on day 2 with no running water.
We will hit Rangeley on our way home, that's the new plan :)

We arrived at the campground with flair: Son T said his head was hurting and he was going to go outside to get some fresh air. Within a minute he was upchucking left and right - right out there in front of the registration building, rangers and other visitors. Lovely. Turns out he had a pretty violent migraine attack :( (This runs in our family - my dad in Finland spent last night in the hospital with what looks like it may have been a migraine - which is good news - it could have been something more serious.)

Today after we get a bit of work and homeschooling done, we are planning to explore Acadia National Park. This is our first time here, and we can't wait to get out there!!

No s'mores yet, but we are planning to have some tonight. Last night's dinner was late - we had some (more) disinfecting to do before dinner. Plus we found the bag of jackets at bedtime (so glad those were accidentally left in the RV), it is 60F outside & we didn't really come prepared with cold weather clothes... Brrrr!!!!!

The view from our bedroom this morning - it is good to be mothershipping!!! Stay tuned - with our nutty crew, you never know where you'll find us!


  1. Love it! We were in the same area as you guys. We spent 4 days in Bar Harbor, Maine. We explored Acadia by hiking and biking on the Carriage Trails. I highly recommend the biking! You can rent bikes from several different shops in Bar Harbor. I had my 6-year-old on a tagalong, which is like a tandem bike. It is a nice family activity. I hope your migraine is gone along with other aches and pains. Happy exploring!

  2. No way, Jonna!! Too bad our timing was a bit off, it would have been nice to see you again!

    Ja kiitos vinkistä, voi olla että innostutaan pyöräilemisestä, tosin miehellä on tyypillinen maanantai (viettänyt sen puhelimessa) meidän matkustavassa toimistossa, joten saa nähdä mitä tänään ehditään tehdä..

  3. Just found your blog (thanks to my Google alert for "Airstream Motorhome") and I read every post. What an adventure you are having! Aside from the fact that we both travel in Airstream motor homes (ours is an '89 345LE), we have other things in common, too. We live in New England, but moved here from Tampa, FL. We are also an adoptive family with a bio daughter and a daughter from Ethiopia. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying Maine. We are in New Hampshire, about 30 minutes from the coast. Check out my Airstream motor home website at My contact info is available there. I'd love to hear from you. Safe travels!

  4. Mekin käytiin pari vuotta sitten Acadian luonnonpuistossa, mutta oli valitettavasti kovin sumuista, mutta silti kivoja muistoja tuli taas mieleen. Hyvää ja migreenitöntä jatkoa teille.

  5. Wally! Thank you so much for your comment, I can't believe how much we have in common! We should try to get our Airstreams, er.. I mean our families together sometime! :)
    We'll probably be coming through NH next week some time. Once our plans come together, we'll let you know. Our email is if you want to email us.
    The Captain & I took a quick look at your website, and really enjoyed photos of your Airstream. Looks like it's in great shape!!

    Allu, uskon että oli kaunis sumuisenakin. Meidän eka päivä oli sateinen ja pilvinen, mutta tänään todella kaunista! Hauska kuinka olette käyneet niin monessa meidän lempipaikassa :) Huomenna suuntaamme PEI-saarelle, onko vinkkejä? :)