Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homeschool Rocks/Kotikoulu rokkaa!!!

Homeschooling is great!! Especially with our homeschool program Monarch. Here's just a couple of reasons why:

- The lessons come with Monarch, so mom/teacher doesn't have to create the lessons
- The program grades most of the problems, quizzes and tests
- The lessons are web-based, so you can do school anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection
- Students and teacher don't need to be in the same room, or same house, or same state, or even the same country in order to do school, as we have proven this week:

The Captain & 5ennie are in Adelaide, Australia

And our students are back in the States!

Our goal during this time is to do at least half days of school, with mom checking on schoolwork daily from Australia. Today worked great!


Perheemme on matkustanut paljon viimeisen kahden vuoden aikana, ja se on ollut mahdollista vain kotikoulun avulla. Tällä viikolla kotikouluohjelmamme on todistautunut loistavaksi: Kapteeni ja 5ennie olemme Adelaidessa, Australiassa, lapset Yhdysvalloissa, ja silti pystymme pitämään kotikoulua! Tavoitteena on puolipäiväiset koulupäivät, ja tänään ainakin onnistui loistavasti, sain käytyä läpi kaikki tehdyt oppitunnit ja kokeet täältä Australiasta käsin.



  1. Looks like it is a nice product and working well for you and your family. :) Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  2. Joy, thanks for stopping by! Monarch has been a great fit for our family.

  3. How wonderful that you can be two places at once :) visiting via hip homeschool hop

  4. very cool! I just found your blog! I'm going to check out Monarch!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this great success that you're having with the Monarch Curriculum! It was great fun to read your post. - Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications

  6. Sounds fun! Easy on grandma too. So is it spring where you are? Is the weather much different than FL right now?

  7. Thanks for linking up with Hip Homeschool Hop today. I've enjoyed looking around your blog today. Can't wait to get to know you better!

    @meghantucker (twitter)

  8. Ihanalta kuulostaa. :) Saat kotikoulun todelliseksi tänne minulle päin - kuten tiedät niin on Suomessa tuntemattomampi vaihtoehto.

  9. That sounds like a wonderful program...unfortunately our computer just crashed so I am not sure how we are getting through the few online classes we have going!

  10. Ja päiväirjaan saat lisätä Saaralle käsityötä joka päivälle muutaman tunnin, ja tiedät mitä muille!
    Tunnolliseti joka aamu alkavat heti koulun. Jotkut jo ennen aamupalaa.

  11. A Computer Mom, this has been a neat experience :)

    musicalmary, I don't think we'd be homeschooling if it wasn't for AOP. We started last year with Switched-On-Schoolhouse (check that one too!), and switched to Monarch for 6th grade.

    Ryan, thank you! You've helped us a lot :) And thanks for the tweets!

    One Acre Follies, it's Spring, almost Summer here in Adelaide. Very similar to FL, but a bit cooler so far. But I guess it can get scorching hot (I hope we don't experience that :).

    Thanks, Meghan! I love all you do for the homeschool community - thanks!!

    Lady, tiedän.. Täällä Australiassakin outo käsite. Mutta olen oppinut että hyvä vaihtoehto, ja loistava systeemi meidän perheelle!

    Oh no, Stephanie! That is too bad :( I hope you get it fixed or replaced soon!

    Kiitos äiti tiedosta, laitan kalenteriin!

  12. What you're doing is fascinating! I'm glad I found your blog at Hip Homeschool Hop. You'd have fun learning while you play at www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.com, where Disney IS school. Hope you can stop by!

  13. Thank you, Jodi! I will definitely check out your link. Thanks for stopping by :)

  14. LOVE this post, 5ennie...slightly jealous, but really happy for you....and VERY impressed! Wow....have fun in Australia! I wanna join your homeschool! Say hi to the Captain....:)


  15. Thanks, Linda :) And please!! Join our homeschool :) Well, you play a huge part in us homeschooling, so thank you!!!!