Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quiet Maine Days/Hiljaisia Mainen päiviä


Mothership Adventures is enjoying a nice lull in our travels, as we are wintering in Maine. Our camp renovations are on full force, but the kids and I are appreciating quiet and peaceful days. Missy has dance on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and on Thursdays we all head to town to spend time at the library/laundromat/post office/grocery store, but those are only hobbies at the moment, which is so nice...

We homeschool during the mornings, and either take outside play breaks mid-morning, or after lunch and school. Or both. Every day. The kids need to play outside a good part of the day or mama goes nuts from all of us being squeezed like sardines in our little cabin.

Enjoy our outdoor pics, most on the lake or by the lake.












Tässä talvikuvia Mainestä, melkein kaikki järveltä tai järven läheltä. Olemme nauttineet hiljaisista ja rauhallisista arkipäivistä ilman kiireitä - tällä hetkellä ainoa harrastus kodin ulkopuolella on Missyn tanssitunnit keskiviikkoisin ja torstaisin, ja torstaisin koko porukka suuntaamme kaupunkiin, ja tanssitunnin aikana olemme kirjastossa, pesulassa, postissa, kaupassa.. Aamuisin pidämme kotikoulua, ja koko aamupäivällä tai iltapäivällä lapset leikkivät ulkona - tai molempina. Mama tulee hulluksi täällä pienessä mökissä elleivät lapset ole ulkona osaa päivästä:)


  1. Gorgeous! looks like it could be Alaska!!!

    I lived in Vermont for a bit, but I have never been to Maine. Looks beautiful!

  2. Beautiful!! You are getting so many wonderful shots.

    I have a piano student who is going to Chebeague Isalnd for a week next week - she is so excited!

  3. Beautiful! We have had hardly any snow this year and I personally think it's awful! We've had days nice enough to go to the park. Very strange, but I'm trying to be thankful. :)

  4. Breathtaking. My husband and I love looking at these pics. One of these days we are going to take a trip to that part of the country. :)

  5. Thank you so much, Theresa, Mary, Sharron, Jessy, Anna and Meredith <3
    We love it here..

  6. Just caught up on all of your last posts ... you are amazing with the photos and how busy and 'organised' you are! Was thinking about you since we are heading to Banff next week, and my youngest has NO concept of just how cold it is going to be ;)

    Much love to you my dear with all you have going on, looks as tho the building is going really well, do you have a move in date yet? Photos are gorgeous, as are the kids - and YOU xxx

  7. Thank you, Nicole xoxo
    No move-in date yet, although in-laws came here to snowmobile for a week, and the only place to house them is the main house :o) So they slept last night in the main house, in quite rustic conditions.. Well, that room is almost ready, and had a bed, lol. We think by April or May we'll need to stop, whether we are ready or not..