Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Who is who?:)

I am the guest blogger today on MOST - Mothers of SuperTwins blog. Hop on over there to read my post about becoming a mom. (I originally wrote it on Mother's Day 2011, here on Mothership Adventures.)

MOST is a fantastic resource for anyone expecting or raising multiples. I often think back on the time when we were expecting and had young quadruplets - I am so thankful to have had folks over at MOST  help us along the way, and to have our family and volunteers help us survive the first years. And since then, too :) My coffee chats with another quadmom Beth always helped me realize I am not alone in what I was dealing with with our quadruplets. For sure, raising multiple children the same age bring on challenges the 'normal' family doesn't necessarily have. But joys, also:)


MOST - Mothers of SuperTwins on amerikkalainen organisaatio ja tukiryhmä monikkoperheille. Olen tänään heidän vierasbloggaaja, mutta kirjoitukseni on vanha postaus täältä Mothership-blogista, kirjoitin sen viime vuoden äitienpäivänä. Voit lukea kirjoitukseni täällä.


  1. That's very true, specially taking care for twins baby, you will lose your weight after then.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Seow wei!