Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homeschool Winter PE/Kotikoulun talviurheilutunnit


Today has been one of those arrgghhh-sort of homeschool days. If you homeschool, I'm sure you know what I mean. If you don't, I'm sure you can imagine one.

Instead of dwelling on our arrgghh-day, here are pictures of yesterday's homeschool PE, as yesterday's school day was much, much better.

Aaah... I feel a little better, already!

After reading, writing, and arithmetic (and history & geography, Bible, and science) work was done, the girls did ice skating, and the boys went sledding. It was too cold for me. I decided to pick up some groceries during PE. As we started it was 19 F, and when we were done, the temps had dropped to 13 F. Brrrr!!!!!


Oh, I already forgot. Little Miss had a miserable time yesterday on ice. Poor thing. She learned to ice skate in Florida, and even though we reminded her it might take a little practice to remember all the lessons, she got discouraged (and cold) very quickly. I think she lasted five minutes.


Thank you, big sis - this is more fun :)


The afternoons up here are so beautiful! These pics were taken 4:30-ish and the colors were breathtaking.


So cold no one asked for extra time :)

Picnik collage

Our frozen students. After I snapped Missy's pic, I unwrapped my scarf and gave it to her. Looking at Mr. T's red ear it almost hurts. (Time to buy some bigger hats??) Brrr!!! Good thing these kids love winter!

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Eilen tytöt kävivät luistelemassa ja pojat pulkkamäessä - kotikoulun urheilutunteja, tietenkin:)
Oli todella kylmä, ihan yllätyin kun juuri laskin mitä lämpöasteet olivat celciuksissa: vain -11C kylmimmillään. Vaikea uskoa! Olikohan tuuli vai kosteus ilmassa en tiedä, mutta minä olisin ollut ihan tyytyväinen mökissä sisällä koko päivän... Lapsilla oli kivaa, tosin Pikkuneiti harmistui kun oli unohtanut Floridassa opitut luistelutaidot. Noh, eiköhän ne pian palaudu, pitää vaan mennä harjoittelemaan uudestaan:)


  1. Umm yes, I definitely know what an argh day is! ;) And that is some serious cold!

  2. What great pics!

    Hi! I am stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop. I'm a new follower and would appreciate a follow back!

  3. Jessy, it is so much fun - you should try it!!

    Anna, the sad thing is this really isn't that cold for Maine.. I'm sure we'll see a lot colder days these next 2-3 months...! Today is beautiful - snowman snow type of a day <3

    Thanks, momma24! I enjoyed my visit to your blog:)