Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nanny!!


Nanny, Captain's wonderful Grandmother, turned 95 this month, and on Saturday family gathered around to celebrate this happy day. Grandpa (Captain's Dad) started the day with stacks and stacks of pancakes, Grandma (Captain's Mom) cooked an incredible birthday meal, and Uncle J brought his famous whipped cream chocolate cake, yum! Presents too - some of the great grandchildren have been working on a gorgeous quilt, with personalized squares. So sweet!

What a special day celebrating our cherished Nanny! Happy Birthday!!

(PS. Happy Birthday to Uncle B and the Captain, too! We actually had three birthdays to celebrate this week:)

Picnik collage



Hyvää syntymäpäivää Kapteenin 95-vuotiaalle isoäidille! (Sekä sedälle ja Kapteenille, kaikilla kolmella synttärit viikon sisällä!) Lauantaina juhlimme ihanaa isoäitiä perheen kesken.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. How sweet! I wish that my grandmothers were here to meet Callie and Kate. What a blessing you have.

  2. Love, love, love this post!!! Beautiful pictures, wish we could have been there to celebrate! The quilt was such a wonderful idea! LOVE!!!

  3. Myöhäiset onnittelut myös täältä molemmilta ja kaikille! KIITOS tästä postituksesta, oli todellinen juhla! Ja aivan kuin olisi ollut mukana:)

  4. I know, Sharron. One of my grandparents met the quads, but not Little Miss.. We are very blessed to have Nanny!!

    Thank you, Saina - and I wish you had been there <3 I remembered to wish happy birthday from you, though:)

    Kiitos, äiti <3

  5. Onnen ja siunauksen toivotukset jokaisen juhlapäivän johdosta!

  6. Nurkkalintu, kiitos isoäidin puolesta :)

  7. 95 years old. Amazing. She looks beautiful. Older people are my favorite : )