Saturday, January 7, 2012

Temperature Difference/Lämpötilaeroja

Picnik collage

While this is happening in Maine (in frigid, frigid temps - negative seven degrees (F) this week..!), managed by the Captain and two of our children...

.... This is what is happening in Virginia at my sister's house:


Fifty-one bags worth of leaves!

As you can see, some of us worked harder than others... ;-)

Please notice the lack of winter gear: 69 F was a sweet January temperature!

And yes, as our family said good-byes to Florida, half the family flew all the way to New England, and half returned to Virginia. We left our beloved Mothership in storage in Florida, and are counting days (months) until our next adventure!

Ni Hao Yall


Sillä välin kun Kapteeni kahden lapsen kanssa hoitaa Mainen projektiamme, kylmässä kylmässä pakkasessa, Virginiassa siskoni luona haravoitiinn 51 pussia lehtiä. Mainessä oli asteita tällä viikolla -21C, kun taas täällä etelämässä tänään oli noin +21 C.
Kuten kuvista näkee, osa porukasta teki töitä vähän ahkerammin kuin toiset:)
Ja tosiaan, Floridasta puoli perhettä lensi pohjoiseen, ja puolet takaisin siskoni luokse. Asuntoauto jäi Floridaan odottamaan seuraavaa seikkailuamme.


  1. Yeah, I'll take Virginia on the house. Looks like a brand new place. And I love the pics from Virginia! Nice look. I have been a bit out of the loop lately. It feels like we haven't spoken in months. ;)

  2. That's a lot of leaves!!!

    The Maine camp is coming along - how exciting!!

  3. Oh my word! That's a lot of leaves! It was so nice this weekend. I'm not looking forward to the return of the "cold"--which is all relative, I know. :)

  4. Anna, I have been out of the loop too.. Spotty internet in FL & now at my sister's no desire to be online much..

    Mary, slow but steady! It is exciting..

    Merrill, it really was a beautiful weekend. Rainy & gloomy today, which kind of matches my mood - I caught a yucky cold..