Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wait No More

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If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, it shouldn't come as a surprise adoption is near and dear to my heart. As is reading. So this past Fall when Focus on the Family was looking for bloggers to review a new adoption book, I happily signed up. The book arrived in November, and I actually read it right away, but with the busy holidays and being on the road I didn't get to do the book review until now.

"Wait No More" by Kelly & John Rosati is a story of their family and how it grew through adoption. The Rosatis adopted their four children through the domestic foster care system. The book is written from Kelly's viewpoint. It is a Focus on the Family book, published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in 2011.

The book starts dramatically in the middle of having their first foster child, a very challenging time for Kelly and John. Many would turn away from foster care adoption after such rocky first experience, yet the Rosatis realized the great need foster care children have, and opened their hearts and their home to children waiting for a family. I was hooked to their story from page one.

Even though our family has also grown via adoption, I have to admit I didn't know a whole lot about the foster care system before reading this book. It was definitely an eye-opener, and I would say this book is a must-read for anyone considering adoption, especially through domestic foster care. The Rosatis share openly and honestly the challenges and joys in their adoption journey.

And there are many. Both challenges, and joys and blessings. Wait No More is a well-written, beautiful story of God's call and His faithfulness as the Rosatis pursued to follow His plan. Kelly writes:

"You see, John and I have learned that God's plan for us through adoption was even better than we could have imagined. We've learned personally about God's faithfulness through the dark times. We know He'll be there no matter what else comes our way. What a gift that is!

We want to encourage folks who are feeling that urge, that gentle pushing of the Lord's hand at your back, to get involved with foster care or adoption. Don't be afraid to go for it. There could be a child out there who needs you desperately. You could make a difference in his or her life. God may have a new adventure in store for your family. Be open. Follow where God leads."

You can buy the book here.

As our family is still in transit stage (not really homeless, but...!), I would like to bless one of my readers by sending my (gently read) copy of Wait No More to them. Leave a comment with this post, and on January 18th I will let the True Random Number Generator pick a winner. Make sure to include a way for me to contact you, if I can't get a hold of you I have to pick a new winner. Good luck!

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  1. Ihanan kuuloinen kirja! Jos onni ei suosi minua, laitan kirjan omalle (kilometrien mittaiselle) "tämän kirjan haluan hankkia"-listalle.
    Mielenkiinnolla odotan milloin teille tulee uusi lapsi perheeseen:) Rukoilen teidän ja tulevan lapsenne puolesta:) Onneksi Jumala tietää jo kuka on juuri teidän perheeseen tarkoitettu.
    Minuun saa yhteyden facebookin kautta.

  2. I'm intetested! Fostering a child is something I've been thinking about lately, as something I could consider doing :-)

  3. Oh, I'd love to read it. :) Thanks for the chance!!

  4. Vaikuttaa erittäin kiehtovalta kirjalta, vaikka en adoptiota harkitsekaan. Lukeminen on kylläkin lähellä sydäntä. Pidetään peukkuja! Ja tarvittaessa yhteyden saat vaikka facebookin kautta. ;)

  5. I heard this family speak on Focus on the Family! I would love to read their book!
    Hope your travels are going well and you have had an awesome start to the new year!!!

  6. Mielenkiintoista, varsinkin kun ottaa huomioon oman tilanteen nyt :) joten mukana. ja myös fb:n kautta saa yhteyden


  7. Mukana! Ja FB:ssa, as you know. :)

    En ole muistanutkaan kommentoida teidän tulevaan adoptioon: ei tullut yllätyksenä, uskon teille tulevan juuri teidän perheeseen tarkoitetun uuden jäsenen ja tiedän Jumalan siunaavan teitä ja teidän adoptiota.

    Muistan myös rukouksin! <3

  8. Miekin todella haluaisin lukea tuon kirjan -ite oon monta kertaa miettinyt, että oisko meiän perheelle mahdollista palvella sijaisperheenä, joten ois todella mielenkiintoista lukea jonkun perheen kokemuksista (vaikka ovathan systeemit tällä saralla varsin erilaisia siellä ja täällä...)

    Jos arpaonni suosii, niin olen suuresti ilahtunut :)

    miut saat kiinni spostista; pikkuthti at gmail dot com

  9. Kiinnostava kirja. Haluan osallistua arvontaan. ULLA

  10. Oh I would love to read this book! Our family has been so blessed by adoption.

  11. Osallistun arvontaan. Olemme käyneet osan sijaisperhekoulutusta, asia on nyt tauolla. Eli aihe kiinnostaa. Englanniksi lukeminen vetreyttäisi taas kielitaitoakin :)
    Sari (FB:stä yhteys)

  12. Arpaonni suosi Pikkuthtiä - onnea! Lähetän sinulle sähköpostin myös, että saisin osoitteesi.

    Thank you all for participating! Pikkuthti is our winner!

  13. I had to redraw the winner, since I never heard back from our first winner. So roomforatleastone - I need your address, you are the new recipient of this book!