Friday, January 20, 2012

Teacher Certification Degrees

Teacher Certification Degrees is an informational website for people interested in advancing their education by earning a college degree in education or learning about careers in the education field. Definitely a great resource for anyone interested in becoming a teacher, or working in education.

elementary education degree

They have compiled of lists of great teaching blogs (I plan on following a lot of these, for sure!), and one is Top 100 Homeschool Blogs. To my great amazement Our Mothership Adventures made the list. It is quite ironic for me, as I never wanted to homeschool, and honestly don't have a great passion for it. Which I guess might be one reason why our blog made it - there is a place for those of us, who started homeschooling out of necessity - not because we are so good at it ;-)
(You can read more about how we got started here.)

Thanks to a great online curriculum, AOP's Monarch, homeschooling works for us, it allows us to travel, it has been a fantastic experience for our family, and our family has drawn closer because of it. In fact, our family is thriving because of homeschooling! If you are thinking about homeschooling, but don't think you can do it, I'd like to encourage you to give it a try - if we can do it, so can you. Check out the many programs that encourage independent learning, Monarch and Switched-On-Schoolhouse being two.

This is what Teacher Certification Degrees wrote about our blog:

Homeschooling with a curriculum geared to independent learning fits the mobile lifestyle of a family that includes decidedly different quads and an adopted daughter; first-mate Sennie and the Captain prove that this educational approach works for almost any situation as they take their crew on the road in a 20-year-old Airstream, the title craft of “Our Mothership Adventures”.

I like it. That is us.

My bloggy friends Jessy's and Mary's blogs were included also, as well as Linda & Arby's - without Linda and my friend Paula's encouragement, wisdom, and help our family would not be homeschooling ((thank you!!!)). The list of 100 blogs looks good - I'll be checking every single one out, and encourage you to, also.

To conclude this post, I'll leave you with a funny video clip, made by a homeschooler in college - check it out - I really got a kick about the part of living an hour away from Walmart - that is us when we live in Maine:)


Meidän matka-ja kotikoulublogimme pääsi mukaan listalle 100 parasta kotikoulublogia, opettajakoulutuksen infosivuille. (Ironiaa.) Hassua myös se, etten koskaan halunnut aloittaa kotikoulun pitämistä, ja tappelin vastaan kynsin ja hampain. Onneksi kokeilimme, se on ollut yksi parhaimmista päätöksistämme - hyvä ratkaisu meidän perheelle, ja on antanut mahdollisuuden matkusteluun. Miksi varmaankin blogimme pääsi listalle - meilläkin on paikka kotikoululaisten keskuudessa - meillä, joille kotikoulu ei ole elämän kutsumus, vaan aloitimme pakon edessä... Onneksi löysimme mahtavan kotikoulumatskun netistä, jonka kautta kotikoulu onnistuu! Minun sanomani onkin muille - jos me pystymme pitämään kotikoulua, pystyt sinäkin!


  1. Congrats for your blog being among the Top 100!

  2. Congrats!!!!! I'm not surprised. I like reading about your travels and lessons learned.

  3. Kiitos Soile, SatuSanna ja Jonna! Hassua:)

    Thank you, Martha<3

  4. Wow! Not bad for someone who didn't want to homeschool! ;)

  5. Onnea! hieno saavutus :)

    Minna T

  6. Sharron, just wild :-D

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