Monday, January 30, 2012

First Snowmobiling of 2012/Vuoden eka moottorikelkkailu


Sunday afternoon we got our snowmobiles out for a short run for the first time this winter.


We love being right on the trail (the lake) so we can just take off without having to pack up the car with all the gear, hook up the trailer, and first drive somewhere in the car in order to snowmobile. That's a lot of gear for seven people, folks! Our snowmobile outfits are a lot bulkier and warmer than the usual snow pants and jackets. The kids usually do sledding or ice skating in regular snow clothes, but for snowmobiling (or frigid ski temps) they wear these super warm outfits. The boots need to be rated for -40F/C, and you need good helmets, something for your neck, and warm mittens or gloves, too.

We have dreamed (and prayed) of having a place on a lake for about 18 years, and are so thankful God blessed us with this place in Maine. In the past snowmobile outings were always long days, and I think some of our kids started disliking the cold and long trips. We think being here will allow them to enjoy snowmobiling in a new way since we can take shorter trips or longer trips, whatever they feel like. Sunday's outing was a success!


Our first outing was very beautiful, but definitely one of these short ones: to get gas for our machines. We got maybe 3-4 inches of new snow on Friday, so the ice was covered with snow, and riding was pretty smooth. The town trails, however, were very bumpy. We'll be praying for more snow, for sure!


Sunnuntaina menimme moottorikelkkailemaan ensimmäistä kertaa tänä talvena. Ihan vaan lyhyelle reissulle tankkaamaan kelkat. On uskomattoman ihanaa ja helppoa olla tässä moottorikelkkareitin (järven) rannalla, ei tarvitse pakata autoa ja moottorikelkkaperäkärryä, ja ensin ajaa jonnekin, että voi mennä moottorikelkkailemaan. Itse asiassa Kapteeni ja minä olemme rukoilleet omaa mökkiä järven rannalla niin kauan kuin olemme olleet yhdessä - olemme niin kiitollisia, että viime vuonna saimme tämän paikan Mainessä!


  1. Oh how fun! Now, I do miss snowmobiling quite a bit. When I lived there, we just went straight from our house to the trails. It was great.... The thing that always sent me home, even before the cold did, was my thumb would start aching...isn't that funny? Oh, what great memories your kids are going to have!!!

  2. Meredith, I know what you mean!! My thumb used to get sore too, but now I use the lower part below the thumb for the throttle - it helps!

  3. Olette ihana, yhdessä tekevä perhe. <3
    Todella kunnioitettavaa.
    Todellakin, mitkä muistot lapset ja tekin saatte kaikesta tuosta ihanasta kanssakäymisestä.