Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lätyt (Finnish Pancakes)


We started the day with delicious Finnish pancakes - lätyt. My mom had given me this cast iron skillet this spring, and since my kids ask me all the time for 'lättyjä' (Finnish word endings vary), and I rarely make them, I decided to surprise them this morning with this very Finnish treat.

Since it has been forever a long time a little while since I had made lättyjä, I decided to google the recipe to make sure I had the correct amounts. I decided on the recipe from this blog, as the blog author was calling lätyt with the correct name ;-) In Finland some people call them letut or ohukaiset or pannukakut or krepit.

I first tripled the recipe, then doubled, but didn't end up using all the batter, so quadrupling the recipe (as usual) seems to be a good amount for our family of seven.


Serve with a sprinkling of sugar, whipped cream, jam and/or fresh berries. Enjoy!!


Pitkästä aikaa tein lättyjä aamupalaksi, viimeisestä kerrasta on niin kauan, että piti varmistaa resepti googlettamalla:) Täältä blogista löytyi hyvä resepti, jonka käänsin alle englanniksi, ja nelinkertaistin reseptin suurperheellemme. Meille aikuisille paistoin lätyt terveellisemmässä kookosöljyssä, ja ripottelin xylitol-sokeria päälle, ja jauhoista oli ehkä neljäsosa kokojyvää, muuten tavallisia valkoisia jauhoja. Hyvin maistui hillon, kermavaahdon ja mustikoiden kanssa, nam! Kiitos vielä äidille uudesta valurautapannustani - ehdottomasti oli avain näiden lättyjen paistoon.


Oh, you'd actually like the translated recipe? Ok, ok, here it is:)

Lätyt - Finnish Pancakes

8 cups of milk
4 eggs
5 cups of flour (I used a mix of white & wheat - shhhh!)
2 tsp salt

real butter (or coconut oil)
sugar (or xylitol)

toppings of your choice

The amounts don't have to be exact, the milk can be a day or two old. Mix the first four ingredients together, let sit while the cast iron skillet is warming up. Traditionally you cook lätyt in real butter, but I used coconut oil for the Captain & my lätyt to make them a bit healthier. Cook on your cast iron skillet, both sides, then sprinkle a bit of sugar (I used xylitol on the healthier ones) on both sides. Delicious as is, or serve with whipped cream, fresh berries and/or jam.


  1. Hyvältä näyttävät, kai sitä sitten on huomenna vaarillekin tehtävä. Harvoin tulee kyllä täälläkin tehtyä.

    Saat niistä pitsireunaisia ja rapeita sekä voit tehdä hyvin ohuita, kun lisäät sparkling water´a (tms kuplivaa) osana maidosta!
    Hyvä sinä !

  2. Hyvä idea! Laitankin joskus vohvelitaikinaan<3

  3. These look awesome. I have a recipe that is similar but I think I might have to try these in the morning! We love the recipe I have with cinnamon and sugar on them and then just rolled up to eat. The blueberries look so yummy too!

  4. Gayly, do try!! Let me know how you like them:)

  5. They look wonderful!

    Your blog intrigues me because it's always been a dream of mine to travel like you do.

    4 children all the same age? How do you do it?

    I've enjoyed reading through the posts that I have so far.

  6. Thank you, Marsha! After a very busy Nov-Jan and then May-July on the road, we are loving being in Maine, having some quieter days. Although they are times I'm getting antsy to start traveling again:)

    At this point having four 13-year olds isn't that difficult, but it sure was challenging when they were babies, or toddlers, or potty-training... God has always provided the help needed, I don't think I could have done it alone. Now they are such a big help to me!

    Welcome to Mothership Adventures, so glad you found us<3

  7. They look great! My mom learned how to make what my Finnish grandma called, Pannukakku. I did a post on it here: :)

  8. Heidi, maybe I should try the oven pannukakku again some day... Who knows, maybe I'll love it know:) It has taken 20 years for me to start craving a lot of the Finnish foods I grew up with, but didn't appreciate then:-D