Monday, August 6, 2012

Thrill of Trapeze/Trapetsin taikaa


The Captain located an old piece of junk an older used sailboat for our camp. And while our older kids have sailed before, they have never been on a sailboat with a trapeze on it.


That's the type Captain used to compete with in sailing races, so he is the perfect teacher.


This vessel isn't even sea lake worthy yet, but it didn't stop getting a lesson on sailing this Laser II. (Homeschool PE, anyone??:)


As brothers intermittently rocked the sailboat, our trapeze sailor got to learn the art of balancing the boat. (Please pardon the signs of lunch in the background, and just look at the faces thrilled with learning a new sport!)


It was thrilling to see the joy and excitement on our boys' faces, it was thrilling to see the Captain's skills come back to life, and it was thrilling to do all that together as a family!


New parts have been ordered, and there are high hopes on taking this baby out on the lake soon!


Little Miss was all eyes and ears during the lesson, she will make a great skipper. Missy declined on this fun, but came out and watched for a while. She enjoyed sailing the smaller sailboats, so there is hope yet:)

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Ni Hao Yall


Kapteeni löysi vanhan käytetyn purjeveneen, jonka hän aikoo itse kunnostaa vesikelpoiseksi paatiksi. Hän nuoruudessaan kilpapurjehti, joten oikea mies niin kunnostamaan kuin opettamaan meidän poikia. Isot lapset osaavat kyllä purjehtia optimistijollilla, mutteivat ole koskaan ennen kokeilleet purjevenettä, jossa on trapetsi. Nytkin saivat vain kokeilla maalla, mutta toiveena on pian päästä vesille! Intoa riitti niin isoilla kuin pienilläkin:)