Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hydrogen Powered Car Kit


Mr A and Mr D discovered this cool Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell X7 kit we've had pretty much ever since we started homeschooling.

It was one of those educational presents we parents imaged us all building together, and learning science so hands-on. (Cue classical music playing.)

Ok, ok, so maybe *I* imagined the Captain and the children working on this neat project while I was busy spinning our own yarn blogging. Or something.


Whatever the case was, this fuel cell car kit was pretty much forgotten and ignored.

Almost, anyway, as we found out the 16 page manual it came with was missing. I was quite the resourceful parent teacher finding the manual online for the boys.


Mr A and Mr D decided they really didn't need any other parental help with this project, and delved right into building a fuel cell vehicle. They learned how to build it, how fuel cells work, and how to use a unique reversible fuel cell. Pretty neat stuff!


I love independent learning!

Which reminds me our teens' homeschool curriculum company, Alpha Omega Publishing, is having a Labor Day sale. Save 10% on electives through 9/2 with coupon code SMELECT2SAVE3. We use their online curriculum Monarch, and love how our teens can learn independently!

You can read more about our curriculum picks here.


  1. Oh you KNOW I'm in love with these pics! Embrace the grain!

  2. That's pretty neat...I am impressed

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  4. Thank you, Nancy!!! At first I was so frustrated with the grain, but I do like it now:)

    Thanks, Martha! The boys had a lot of fun.