Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to Florida/Takaisin Floridaan


What a whirlwind week! So thankful tomorrow is Sunday, and NOTHING is on the calendar. We even attended church tonight:)

The days are starting to blur together, so a recap is in order.

Labor Day weekend was spent up in Maine, organizing, cleaning, packing, and preparing our camp for winter season. The Captain (and boys) brought the Mothership down to his parents house on Monday night, and the girls and I finished up everything up north, and left Tuesday morning. We had a wonderful time visiting the Captain's parents, Nanny, Aunt C, Uncle P & cousins (- thank you, all!!!).

On Wednesday the Captain worked hard at getting the Mothership winter-ready. We had decided not to travel south in our motorhome this fall, but to leave the Mothership up north, work on modifications this winter/spring, and then have it ready for travels in the spring again.

So we flew down to Florida Wednesday night! All seven of us, eleven suitcases/duffels, and eight carry-on bags. Our dear friends, the Frolicking Flamingos (maybe Heidi, too?) helped us out tremendously by dropping our van off at the airport for us. We were a little nervous about not only finding our van, but about fitting everything in!! We knew we had left a bunch of stuff in the van, but couldn't quite remember what...

I'm happy to report we found our vehicle, were shocked at all the stuff in there, but managed to all fit in, and made it to our rental house without any meltdowns or surprises. Didn't get to bed until early Thursday morning, but were grateful to have arrived.

Thursday was settling in day. Our rental house kitchen had salt and pepper in it, nothing else, so a mega shopping trip for all basics was in order. That took most of the day. We started to unpack a bit, too. Had to run to the beach for a quick swim, and the water was amazing - truly like bathwater. Thunder and lightning brought us back home quickly, though.

Thursday evening we also had a lot of preparations, as....

Friday was our first day of school! Yes, still homeschool, but on Fridays we'll be attending homeschool co-op classes at our church.

Little Miss attended a First Grade class, and had a fantastic day. She could have picked through a variety of second grade (and up) classes, but we decided she would benefit having the same teacher and classmates all day this fall.

Our teens all had a great co-op day, also. Missy had picked all art classes, and the boys had some classes together, some not. I'll blog about their classes more later.

After classes we went swimming again, and this time had about an hour before the thunder and lightning started.

During co-op I had worked on unpacking and settling in, and by Friday evening we were finally able to put all suitcases away.

Today, Saturday, the Captain and I walked four miles on the beach. Such an amazing world down here... It was also my day of catching up on my Lightroom 101 class (I highly recommend it! Even though all my pics in this post are iPhone Instagram, heh), and our teens enjoyed some beach time. We also cleaned the house, and had a wonderful evening at church.

So. Definitely a crazy week at Our Mothership Adventures! Now we are trying to narrow down our fall activities, there are so many choices on homeschool and church activities. Trying not to over schedule... Gotta make sure beach is penciled in, too:)


Täällä kaheli viikko takana (taas). Viikko sitten olimme Mainessä pakkaamassa ja laittamassa mökkejä talvikuntoon, keskiviikkona laitettiin asuntoauto talviteloille, ja itse lensimme Floridaan. Siitä lähtien asettautumista vuokrakotiimme, sekä eilen oli syksyn ensimmäinen kotikoulupäivä, tosin ei kotona, vaan kirkossamme parin sadan muun kotikoululaisen kanssa:)

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