Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back at Camp/Mökillä taas!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

All great road trips and travels must come to an end, and so did ours, too. We love exploring this amazing country, and visiting family and friends in our Mothership, but we also love our Maine camp, and the slower, simpler life in the woods.

When we first arrived back, there was still a tent on our lawn (one of our renters had a wedding here). Quick, Captain, let's throw a party??!!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

No party. We were too tired. Rest was what was needed first. (So sorry, my dear extroverted Captain!)

In fact, we considered these couple of weeks our summer vacation, since we schooled our way through summer (not because we wanted to, we had to finish last year's work!).

Lots of time for play, books, swimming, art, bike rides, games, baking, sleeping.

Photography. (These were two consequent foggy mornings.)
Losing a second baby tooth (on the day we arrived!).

Our local pastor said at church it feels like this year skipped August, and moved straight into September. I agree! It has been so cold, and gasp - the leaves are starting to turn, already! But we have taken advantage of the three warm days we've had:)

And, fall in Maine is pretty awesome, too.

So happy to be back!


Kesän hauskojen matkustelujen jälkeen on ihana olla mökillä taas. Nämä viikot ovat meidän lomaviikkoja, ja olemme niin nauttineet tästä ajasta. Etenkin kolmesta lämpimästä päivästä, heh. Ei vaan, kylminä ja sateisina päivinä on ihana levätä ja lukea, pelata pelejä ja katsoa elokuvia yhdessä. Lepo on tehnyt hyvää. On upeaa olla täällä!


  1. Aivan USKOMATTOMAN kaunis paikka - metsä ja järvi, mutta myös talo isoine ikkunoineen! Muistan, kuinka työläs remonttinne oli, mutta kylläpä on fantastinen lopputulos!!

  2. It's been a very cool summer here until last week. Now it's hot and muggy! As it should be I guess, but I sure was enjoying the other weather.
    Kate has lost two teeth recently! Fun times.
    You just have to do a blog tour of your home. I want to see it all! ;)

  3. Kiitos, Jutta <3 Ihana ja rakas paikka on, ja remontti miltei valmis:)

    Sharron, I'll give you a tour personally - up here!!! :-D