Thursday, December 9, 2010

Granite Island

Granite Island on the left

There is a small island called Granite Island off of Victor Harbor, in South Australia. My one hour walk to and around it on Wednesday was probably the most memorable part of my Aussie Adventure so far (Sydney still ahead of us). Granite Island is a home to about 150 little penguins, but all were out fishing during my beautiful walk.

You can take a Horse Drawn Tram to Granite Island, or walk across the causeway. The walk around the island is about 1 mile long, taking approximately 40 minutes - if you don't stop and take a 100 photos or so. Like some people. (No names mentioned.)

And these have been just a small fraction of someone's photos. I hope you've enjoyed the virtual walk around Granite Island!

This little penguin lives in Gorge Wildlife Park. In order to see Granite Island's little penguins, you need to visit the island early in the morning or at dusk. A reason to come back some day. Hopefully with the little mothership adventurers.


  1. Oh, goodness. Beautiful. You can imagine what our crew enjoyed the most, though...?? "Where's the video, mom?") Penguins were a distant second favorite. :)

    So glad you got to go!!!

  2. Kiitos mahtavasta kiertomatkasta !
    Sanat eivät riitä taaskaan!

  3. Saina, and I accidentally deleted the "better" video I took for B&N!

    One Acre Follies - absolutely!! :)

    Kiitos, äiti :)