Sunday, July 10, 2011

Laying Low/Matalalentoa

Little Miss has been sick for a few days with a bad cough and fever, and various family members have had trouble with their tummies or heads, so we have been laying low. Hopefully everyone starts feeling better before it's time to leave Nantucket island (in less than a week).

Pikkuneidillä on ollut kuumetta ja yskää muutaman päivän, ja eri perheenjäsenillä on ollut joko vatsapöpöä tai päänsärkyä/migreeniä, joten olemme olleet aika hiljaisia viime päivät. Toivottavasti kaikkien olo paranee ennen kuin on aika lähteä Nantucketin saarelta (vajaan viikon kuluttua).


  1. Thank you, Anna & Saina!! Little Miss was better, so I took her to the beach, but then the fever came back :-/ Bad momma :(

  2. I am sorry you have sick kids. There is something that is just wrong about being sick in the summer. :(

    You asked about India adoptions...all I know is that they are difficult. And the timeline is all over the place...but we are really really hoping to get our daughter by next summer. In fact, we're praying in faith towards that end.

    I hope the sicknesses go away quickly...and stay away!!!!

  3. Paranemistoivotukset täältäkin!

  4. I agree, No Greater Love! This was Little Miss' second illness this summer :( She isn't 100% better yet, but on her way there :)

    Kiitos, Soile!