Monday, July 11, 2011

Smith Point

One day when the cousins were still on the island, we packed up two cars and took a trip to Smith Point.

Love all Grandpa's cars - especially the Willy's!!

Grandpa giving out instructions before the brave ones ventures into big waves.

Some of the big kids actually did go swimming here! With several sets on eyes peeled on them, counting heads constantly...!

But some of the kids decided to chill and read..

Or walk to the other side where the water was still.


Yksi päivä kun serkut olivat vielä saarella, pakkasimme kaksi autoa ja lähdimme Smith Point rannalle. Toisella puolella oli julmat aallot, toisella peilityyni rauhallinen ranta. Kaikille kaikkea, oli se sitten aalloissa pyörimistä, hiekkalinnan rakentamista tai vain lukemista.


  1. Lol, back to counting heads. That used to be so constant! "1-2-3-4" "1-2-3-4" What a great flashback!

    Some waves though!

  2. Hey, lady! Change your blogger id pic!! Someone is missing!!!!!

    Great memories, so sweet now!! Yet, so glad we are past certain stages with the four :) But miss others....

  3. Haha, I know, huh? Noah was a couple of days old... in San Diego... sigh.

  4. thank you for taking us along for the ride! it's fun to see "your world"... 1/2 a world away! :)

  5. You're welcome, jdavis2, so glad to share :) I love reading about yours, too!