Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Seven out of our eight kids (including cousins) hopped in Grandpa's Grand Willy's today, our destination Surfside.

On the South shore the waves are bigger, and boogie boarding is great.

First some tag. Probably to warm up, brrrr!!!!!

Then braving the cold seas with boogie boards.

Fun!!!! (You have to believe the kids - none of the adults got in :)

All the kids went in the water, even Little Miss. I think she actually lost her balance and got a surprise swim, but hey - that counts too!

Since it wasn't a really hot day - quite foggy with a cool breeze, actually - we didn't stay out too long.

So glad Grandpa's Nantucket Edition came with an attached shower to wash all the sandy feet.

(The Nantucket Edition is really the Grandpa Edition - this truck is one of a kind!)


Tänään lounaan jälkeen lähdimme Surfside-rannalle, saaren eteläosaan. Oli sumuista ja viileää, mutta lapsilla oli silti niin hauskaa lautailla isoissa aalloissa. Tietyille rannoille saarella saa ajaa autoilla, jos on ostanut luvan sitä varten. Kätevää lapsilauman ja rantakaman kanssa!


  1. How fun! But it's easy to imagine how cold it was!! The water is cold even here, can't imagine over there.
    Love the Grand Willy's!! Braiden still talks about it, lol!

  2. That shower is a phenomenal idea. We did something sort of like that growing up on the beaches of the Emerald Coast, but we just used old milk jugs. His system would be waaaay more convenient. Nice.

  3. Summertime captured at it's finest! Looks like SO much fun!

  4. What an awesome truck! Is it always cold there, even in the summer?

  5. Wow, Saina! Well, he likes his vehicles :)

    Anna, milk jugs are a good idea too! We also have discovered baby powder is great at removing dry sand off feet.

    Serving the King - thank you! The kids went back today too, and even had sunshine :)

    One Acre Follies, do you mean the water? It stays pretty cold even in the summer, but will warm up this month and the next. Today was a hot day (not sure of temps), but there usually is a nice breeze, or at least you can pick a beach where there will be wind. Most nights the fog rolls in..

  6. that's awesome! gotta say, there must be something to being young... and brave! i guess i was never young... 'cause i was never willing to dive into freezing water. so thankful for you as you teach your kids to enjoy every moment of life, even if the moment is a little colder than appreciated! p.s. also love the picture of grandpa cleaning the feet. so, so sweet!

  7. jdavis2, my kids are half Finn, after all... ;-) Little Miss must have some Finnish blood in her veins, too!
    And I'm convinced we've got the best grandparents, here, as well as in Finland!!!