Friday, November 4, 2011

Orphan Sunday/Adoption Month

The Lord cares for the orphans and widows. Psalm 146:9

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows. James 1:27

They are the people of Israel, chosen to be God’s adopted children. Romans 9:4

November is Adoption Month, and this Sunday is Orphan Sunday. Since our family has been touched by adoption, I wanted to promote adoption and orphan awareness, and to share some resources here. God has given us all a command to care for orphans and widows. To love them, as He has loved us. He adopted us into His family! (And if you are not sure if you are God's child, click here to read more.)

The numbers are staggering. At the moment 162 million orphans around the world. 162 million children waiting for their forever families - for someone to love them, for someone to tuck them in at night and kiss them good-night. Waiting for someone to call them their own, waiting to say "Mommy. Daddy."

Would you pray and ask God if He would have you adopt a child? 

I fully believe that is a prayer God delights to answer! He cares for the orphan. He loves us. If He gives you that stirring, that desire to adopt, He is able to move any mountains in the way. Whether it is financial concerns, a spouse or family member who is against the idea, or whatever it is. We serve a mighty God!

Here are some resources to look into when considering adoption:

- Children Who Wait (from No Hands But Ours - go to Children Who Wait)
- Rainbow Kids - a great resource on adoption, also has a photolisting available after you register (free)

If God is not calling you to adopt - or to adopt at this point, you can still help. Pray! Pray for orphans to find homes, pray for adoptive families. You can give - there are great organizations who promote adoption and care for orphans. You can give one time gifts or sponsor children monthly. 

Here's a partial listing to get you started:

- Morning Star Family Home

*Edit: Tonight we watched Answer the Cry: Faces of Hope DVD by Focus on the Family, Hope for Orphans and Show Hope. There was not a dry eye in the room. It was so well done, very moving. You can watch it online by clicking here.

A little more reading, three family blogs (also promoting adoption), and as you click on these links, you'll find many more, so grab a cup of coffee, turn your phone off and enjoy:

You can read our family adoption story here.


Then, an orphan.

Picnik collage

Now, our daughter.

Thank you, God!

PS. Please feel free to leave other questions and/or links in the comments or email them to us. I realize my resources here are just a drop in the bucket. Also, most of my contacts are for China adoption, yet the need is great elsewhere, too.

PS2. Should I add a linky? Anyone else interested in sharing about adoption?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I would love to adopt someday, but my husband isn't in agreement. (He thinks 3 is enough and some days I think so too! LOL)

  2. I would also add, there are also SO many families fundraising. If someone will just take the time to get involved or look around some of the blogs you mentioned, it won't take long before one will find a family you can support that is taking the journey.

    This Christmas we have decided to find as many gifts as we can for family and friends through families fundraising. I was going to share that on my blog, but I will go ahead and give you the inside scoop. ;)

    Beautiful post. I am sharing it on my facebook page! :)

  3. one day my friend! God is doing amazing things over here! :)

  4. Love Without Boundaries is our favorite charity. :-) my dear friend adopted two special needs little boys from China. Watching her on both of these journeys was humbling and so special for my family. She told me that even if you do not adopt, you can support adoption in any way possible...and this is what we try to do.

    I want to watch the video you linked to - thank you for that. God Bless you for having such a big heart for orphans. I pray God will show my family more ways to serve in this area,

  5. Niin ja sitten ovat vielä ne lapset, jotka voivat todella huonosti kotona ja pitäisi huostaanottaa. Hekin tarvitsevat perheitä. Aikuisia, jotka ottavat omakseen, vaikka eivät saakaan huoltajuutta.
    Täällä Suomessahan ei huoltajuutta oteta biovanhemmilta pois, vaikka he eivät koskaan pystyisi lapsistaan huolehtimaan. Siis toisin kuin siellä.

    Meillä on juuri pöydällä paperit allekirjoitusta vailla.
    Pieni tyttö on kohta meidän ikioma, vaikka hänellä on toisetkin vanhemmat ja sossut hoitamassa asioita. Sijoitus on kuitenkin adoptiotyyppinen.

    Adoptio tai sijoitus, pääasia, että lapsille saada vanhemmat ja koti, jossa on turvallista ja hyvä olla.


  6. My husband and I just finished watching it. THANK YOU for posting it. We'll watch it again with the kids tomorrow (they were in bed)...and I re-posted it on my blog.

    That was incredible.

  7. Hieno postaus.
    Kiitos blogilinkeistä; yksi niistä onkin jo entuudestaan tuttu (löysin sinne jonkun amerikk. blogin kautta).

    God's blessings! <3

  8. Thank you for this. We are beginning the process, and I was thankful to find the Show Hope website, especially.