Monday, November 28, 2011

Busch Gardens Christmas Town, VA


The Mothership Adventures crew is still in Virginia. The Mothership is parked on the curb of my sister's house, and the neighbors are probably wondering when the MotherBeast is moving on. Since Thanksgiving is over and all. Not quite sure yet, but soon-ish, we think.

We had a great (second) Thanksgiving with my sister's family, and for the most part have been laying low (well, as low as you can with a crew of thirteen and being way outnumbered by the kids) and enjoying time visiting each other.

Yesterday, however, we visited had a wonderful outing to Busch Gardens for the first time. We even bumped into some friends from New Hampshire, and my sister saw local friends as well as friends from Maryland in there. (Hi Linda!!!)


The full park wasn't open. The day after Thanksgiving Busch Gardens Christmas Town opens with rides, attractions, shopping and shows. It is only open on the weekends, from 3 pm until 9 or 10 pm, depending on the night. Which worked great for us, we were able to go to church first, come home for lunch, and then head to Williamsburg.

Our half of the crew traveled in the RV and got a great RV parking spot near the England entrance. We even had turkey soup in our crockpot in the RV, but didn't want to leave the park even for an hour to go eat. The soup was a nice midnight snack before bedtime ;-) Dining at the park wasn't cheap, but it wasn't too much either.


We had four adults, one 17-year old, four 12-year olds, two 5-year olds, one 4-year old and a toddler in our crew. And everyone had a fantastic time. We got to the gate right before the park opened and stayed until they closed. My little niece was wrapped to my sister for almost the whole time, but everyone else walked and explored the park without any meltdowns or issues. There was so much to see and do for all ages. For the older kids the Alpengeist-roller coaster was probably the highlight of the park. The little boys enjoyed the train and Jr. Bumper cars.


For the adults the lights and beautiful Christmas music made our time really special (at least for me, I skipped Alpengeist:). I didn't bring our camera since we kept our carry-on to a minimum at the park, so all these pics were snapped with my iPhone - some turned out great, others.. not so much.

We highly recommend stopping and visiting Christmas Town in your travels, and you could even make it a field trip and study the various countries Christmas Town represents. We didn't. We decided to just enjoy ourselves and not call this an official field trip, this time.

One day wasn't quite enough (at least for our size crew) to see everything, but we certainly had a full and fun day. And thank You, Busch Gardens, for keeping Christ in CHRISTmas!

Picnik collage

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Olemme vieläkin siskoni luona Virginiassa, nauttien ajasta yhdessä. Eilen menimme Busch Gardens-huvipuiston Joulukylään koko sakilla. Ihan koko puisto ei ollut auki, mutta ihan tarpeeksi riitti vempaimia ja näkemistä kaiken ikäisille. Ihania jouluvaloja ja lauluja, etenkin pimeällä oli upeaa kävellä ympäriinsä. Suosittelemme!


  1. Looks like an awesome time was had by all! You may want to link up to the Field Trip Blog Hop.

  2. Looks like a beautiful and fun time! :)

  3. Bummer, MissMOE, I missed the linky :-/ Hopefully we'll make it to the next month's one!

    Thanks, Anna & mountain mama. We had a great time:)

  4. We were just there, too! :-) I wonder if we were there at the same time? My post the other day had some of the same photos. Wasn't it just beautiful? I commented, as well, about how impressed I was that there were Nativity scenes and the words "Merry Christmas" were everywhere. Just awesome. Glad you had as good a time as we did!

    Many blessings,

  5. Lisa, I just saw we even posted some of the same pics - too funny!!

  6. Looks like this was a great time! I love your Flickr collage, too.

    I'm enjoying reading about where the Mothership will end up next! Happy travels!


  7. Thank you, Mary. A few more days here at my sister's, then we pull out again. It has been so special <3

  8. Beautiful pictures. I'm sure you had fun.

    Happy Finland's 94th Independence Day!

  9. Kiitos, Nurkkalintu<3 Myös joulukalenterilinkistä!