Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trial Run/Koelähtö


The Mothership Adventures is ready to take off again!

Sort of.


We leave today, but come back tomorrow night. (Will my sister's family ever get rid of us???)

The reason for our trial run is my sister's wisdom teeth surgery on Friday morning. Since we'll be in the area (we plan to visit Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow and Christmas Town again on Friday, this time with the Captain's parents and (his grandmother) Nanny, who left Maine on Monday), we are coming back to watch my niece and nephews for Friday morning. Then on Saturday morning we start our engines (with Grandma, Grandpa & Nanny in their RV) and head toward Florida!


Mothership-asuntoauto on valmis lähtemään matkaan. Tai ainakin koereissulle. Lähdemme siskoni luota tänään, mutta palaamme huomenna takaisin. Huomenna menemme Kapteenin vanhempien ja isoäidin kanssa Colonial Williamsburgiin, perjantaiaamulla palaamme hoitamaan siskoni lapsia hänen viisaudenhammasleikkauksen ajaksi, sitten käymme Joulukylässä uudestaan, ja vasta lauantaiaamulla starttaamme kohti Floridaa.


  1. Safe travels to FL... and I hope your sister's wisdom teeth surgery goes well!

  2. Marah sends Little Miss a hug and says "I hope you're having a good time and have fun in Florida (one of her favorite places!)

  3. Thanks, Ladies:) We had a fun trial run & now we are back at my sister's. Off again tomorrow!

    And hugs to Marah, too<3

  4. May she travel with grace and speed. ;) Have fun!