Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday/Kiitollisuuden torstai

Picnik collage

We are so thankful for:

- Safe travels from Maine to Virginia to Florida
- Being able to spend some time in beautiful St. Pete
- A beautiful campsite on Fort De Soto campground
- Seeing our Florida friends
- Warm days and cool nights
- Clean bathroom & laundry facilities at the campground
- Getting used to living in such a tiny space again
- Being together as a family, making memories
- Finding new, meaningful ways to celebrate our Savior's birth..

Linking up with Thankful Thursdays at Three Thinking Mothers. On a Wednesday. Kind of on a Tuesday night (I'm up really late).

While we are working and homeschooling (roadschooling), we are sort of on vacation time. I need that clock that counts the days, not hours, while RV'ing :)
I think I will go ahead and publish this, a day early. On Thursday we have another reason to be thankful, but I hope to write more then:)


Olemme tänään kovin kiitollisia turvallisesta matkasta Floridaan, mahdollisuudesta viettää joulukuu rakkaassa St. Peten kaupungissa, kauniilla leirintäalueella (missä puhtaat pesu-ja pyykkitilat), lämpöisistä päivistä ja viileistä öistä, ystävien tapaamisista, pienissä tiloissa asumiseen tottumisesta, yhdessäolosta, sekä Vapahtajan syntymän juhlimisesta..

Ja juu, huomasin juuri ettei vielä ole torstai. Noh, menkööt postaus nyt jo, torstaina on erityinen syy olla kiitollinen myös, mutta siitä lisää myöhemmin:)


  1. Oh, it looks WARM there! It's gotten a bit nippy in Maine now! ;)

  2. Sointuukin paremmin "kiitollisuuden keskiviikko" :)

    Thankful Thursdaytä ja "erityistä syytä" odotellessa huomisiin!

    Kiva, että olette turvallisesti Floridassa :)

  3. I'm thankful you all made it safely. It's so good that you all have those relatives to stop and visit along the way.

  4. Jessy, today was just beautiful <3 Loved it, especially since we'll be back in Maine to experience the cold, too:)

    Kiitos, Nurkkalintu! Huomenna lisää, toivottavasti:)

    I agree, Sharron!! Loved our VA stop, and actually got tickets to return to my sister's after Christmas<3

  5. Stopping by from TTM. We are in CT and it is a dreary gray day with showers and a steady breeze. These pictures are gorgeous.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
    ~Jessica @ Teachable Moments

  6. The weather looks awesome and so many things to be thankful for! Enjoy FL!!!!

  7. What beautiful pictures and post! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  8. Beautiful photos.

    Thank you for linking up!

  9. thankful with you. we know how precious family is... and we know that living in such close vicinity (even with people you love) requires a heart of thankfulness. ;)

  10. Thank you, Jessica! This is our first Christmas in Florida, and we are loving it so far:)

    Amen, Gayly!

    Thank you, Aurie and Theresa! (I feel bad I meant to come blog hopping, but it has been so nutty - but I know it's like it for everyone...)

    jdavis2, so true:) For us it takes a few days to get used to all the togetherness, then we find our rhythm.