Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Three Thinking Mothers started a new feature called Thankful Thursdays on their blog. What a great idea! Of course Mothership Adventures needs to join in, today I am thankful for...

1. The phone call we received five years ago yesterday, telling us we have a little girl in China, waiting for us..
2. And I am so thankful Little Miss is our little girl - can not imagine life without her.
3. Oh, and our big kids, too :)
4. Today we found out a little girl with a serious heart defect we had been praying for has found a forever family - such wonderful news! An orphan less in this world!
5. We had a good school day today.
6. Little Miss made a new friend at the library story hour - huge progress for her!
7. Missy had a great dance class today - so glad we've found some activities for the kids this Fall here in Maine.
8. The weather has been beautiful (snow almost gone), and a lot of progress has been made on our camp.
9. After a very long break the Captain and I attended a Bible study tonight. Such wonderful fellowship!
10. For God's grace.



  1. Thank you for linking up!

    My heart just soared to hear about that little girl with the heart defect who found a forever family! I needed that today. I am frustrated with such a silly thing - our roof! And this was just what I needed to help me put it in perspective! I hope that little girl is in her new mama's arms if not now, then very soon! Nothing like loving arms around you!

    Looks like your family has settled in a beautiful place!

  2. Hi there ~ I'm so glad prayers were answered in regards to the little girl you were praying about... and I will continue to pray as you move forward.

    I'm so happy you linked up with us! Maine looks gorgeous in the fall!


  3. Theresa & Mary - I am so thankful this little girl found a home. We had been praying for her almost a month, and were even looking into her adoption, but she really needed somebody ready to go (paper ready). Now we pray everything goes smoothly and she gets home quickly!

    Love the Thankful Thursdays!!

  4. I'm so glad she found a home! I have a heart for orphans. I'm just not sure what God's plan is for us at this time. I do know I can be praying for them and supporting them financially. I do hope we are able to add to our family one day:)

    Thanks for sharing your thankful list with TTM. Your family is beautiful!

  5. So glad the little one found a family. Love that kind of news. Also, I really love that picture. I have been staring at it. It seriously almost looks staged or out of a magazine or something. It makes me want to trick-or-treat with you guys. :)

  6. PrairieJenn, I have been working on a blog post for promoting orphan awareness. I hope your family can adopt one day, and meanwhile it is wonderful you can support financially! The need is so big..

    Thank you, Anna! I love that pic too - we had a fun time, would have loved to go trick-or-treating with your crew :)