Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday/Kiitollisuuden torstai


Yes, we do live a life of adventure.

Yes, it is fun to move around so much. To go on adventures and see new places.


Life is never dull with our crew. {Especially with the Captain, the brainstormer of all our schemes.}

I know we are blessed to be able to travel.

In many ways our family has grown closer over the last two years.

And I know my faith in God has stretched and grown in huge ways.

Good times, good times.

But, there is a flip side, too. (Yes, really:) Here is one little snippet into The Not-So-Glamorous-Life-of-Adventure. {And there may be more confessions to come, as we hit the road this week.}

Picnik collage

Yes, these would be pictures of coke cans that had exploded in our RV fridge. Apparently there had been some temperature changes in the fridge as The Mothership has been patiently waiting for our next adventure. (Well, we have had everything from snow to sunny skies in Maine these past weeks!)

Yes, I was the lucky one, who got to scrub a fridge today.

There was a lot of counting my blessings going on:
- So thankful this was coke, not mold or something more disgusting.
- So thankful this happened inside the fridge instead of outside the fridge. I'd rather clean the small fridge than deal with sticky coke on floors, upholstery, walls & ceilings.
- So thankful I discovered it before we left, not on the road..

- Also, I guess I can be thankful I discovered mouse droppings in The Mothership before we left. I have had the joy of washing all kitchen drawers and items in them, plus all the linens in the RV this week. Last year we had to pull over to a laundromat after finding some discoveries on our bed..

And YOU can be thankful I didn't photograph the mouse evidence for the blog!!!

I'd say this post qualifies for Thankful Thursdays on Three Thinking Mothers. I will be quite busy tomorrow as we empty our rental house & take all extra belongings from the RV to our camp. Almost time to leave!

PS. I am still so amazed my little blog was nominated for Best Photos Blog at Homeschool Blog Awards! If you haven't voted yet, go here to vote for Mothership Adventures, of course:) Thank you so much!!


Ei meidän seikkailijoiden elämä ole pelkkää hohtoa ja hienoutta, vaikka onhan se upeaa matkustaa paljon, nähdä ja kokea uusia paikkoja ja elämyksiä. Viimeiset kaksi vuotta ovat olleet rikkaita ja olemme kasvaneet perheenä lähemmäksi toisiamme, ehdottomasti. Myös usko ja luottamus Jumalaan on venynyt ja kasvanut. 

Mutta tänään sain kokea sitä kolikon toista puolta: kokispurkit olivat räjähtäneet asuntoauton jääkaapin sisällä, eli ei kun jynssäämään. Eilen sain myös putsata Mothership'in keittiön laatikoita hiirenkakoista, tänään pesin kaikki astiat ja keittiötarvikkeet. Lakanat ja pyyhkeet myös. Kaikenlaista. 

Voi hyvin olla että näitä kolikon-toinen-puoli-paljastuksia tulee lisää blogiin, lähdemme nimittäin matkaan tällä viikolla!

PS. Vielä ehtii äänestää pientä Mothership Adventures-blogiani kotikouluäänestyksessä! Kiitos:)


  1. Does that mean you are heading back to the South?

  2. Sorry to hear about the exploding Coke and mouse droppings...but glad you found a bright side!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Lol, thx for not sharing the moose evidence! Congrats, will go vote now :) enjoy the adventures.

  4. I voted for you! :) There's almost always something to be thankful for. Enjoy your trip south.

  5. Great thankful list. I hope everything goes smoothly as you finish packing up and get ready to head south. :)

  6. If only we could travel around in an RV! We would LOVE it! Imagine the sights to be seen! (Already voted!)

  7. A lot to be thankful for! But sounds like a very busy week!

  8. Oh, so good to look at the flip side of all these mishaps. :)

    Mice in the Mothership, though. Who would have thought. Are they gone now, or will they be traveling to Florida with you? :)

  9. Thank you all for the comment love xoxoxo - I haven't been online much since arriving at my sister's, only to grade school work..

    Had to laugh though, glad it wasn't MOOSE evidence in the RV, just mouse droppings :) And it looks like we left the mice & the moose in Maine :)

  10. It's always moments like this when I'm 'most' thankful, probably out of sheer necessity. :)

    Perspective is always so helpful.