Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Has Spring arrived to Northern Maine? It looks like.... maybe.

Picnik collage

Our cross-country skiing was more like water-skiing yesterday. Snowmobiling on Sunday was kind of like dirt biking.

And the mud. Oh, the mud requires a post of it's own.

Yet the locals tell us there is still a lot of winter left in Maine. It's too soon to tell if spring has sprung. Which reminds me how last year we still had an ice storm on April 20th, and the ice out didn't happen until May 4th.

Looking at the weather report this week, I'd say we are done with snowmobiling. At least for now. Maybe not cross-country skiing, yet. We can still snow shoe in the woods, too, and today the kids are skiing. As the snow melts we just need to get a little more creative with our homeschool PE ;-)

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Paikalliset sanovat, että on liian aikasta kertoa onko kevät tullut pohjois-Maineen. Vaikea uskoa, jos katsoo ulos... Sunnuntain moottorikelkkailu oli kuin maastopyöräilyä, ja eilinen hiihtoreissu vesisuksilla liitelemistä :) Mutta viime vuonna saimme jäämyrskyn huhtikuun 20. päivä, ja järvestä ei lähtenyt jäät kuin vasta 4. toukokuuta.


  1. spring seems to be arriving here, crocus are blooming and this week (spring break for the school here) it is supposed to be upper 70's all week! Yah!

  2. Oh, I'm hoping it's spring, but you never know in Maine! Some of our biggest snow storms could still be coming! LOL

  3. Wow, that happened fast. There is a reason that most houses in Maine have "mud rooms." They are seriously needed!!!! :) We are also getting great weather....but our biggest snowstorms are always in March in Colorado. Fortunately it melts fast at this time of the year!

    Enjoy the beautiful Spring!!!

  4. spring or not, i can't help but think "BURRRR!"
    on the east side we often refer to where we live as "the frozen tundra" but even so we don't have the ice/snow that you're experiencing.
    curious: what's the temperature?
    30's here.
    so eager for summer & shorts... that's more like my cup of ice (cream)!

  5. quilt-n-mama, sounds nice! Enjoy!!

    Jessy, so I've heard..

    Very true, Meredith!! We'll get a mudroom, too:)

    jdavis2, the temps have been in the 40's and 50's this week, and 30's at night.