Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sugar on Snow/Lumisiirappia


Our dessert on Friday after snowshoeing? Sugar on snow, which is maple syrup poured in a cup of new clean snow! Before you are too disgusted, it is a New England tradition, which we tried for the first time ourselves (except for the Captain, who said gross!).


That's ok, more for the rest of us:) Yummy!!! Even Laura and cousins in Little House in the Big Woods enjoyed this treat, although they poured hot syrup on snow, making it harden into candy - which we will have to try next.

Have you tried sugar on snow? Would you?

Things that make you say:

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Ensimmäistä kertaa maistoimme Uuden Englannin perinteistä herkkua: lumisiirappia, mikä on vaahterasiirappia lumessa. Me vaan kaadoimme siirappia lumen päälle ja herkuttelimme, mutta tätä kirjoittaessa kävi netin kautta selville, että vaahterasiirapin olisi pitänyt olla kuumaa, mikä tekisi siirappilumesta kovaa karkkia. Aiomme kokeilla sitä seuraavaksi!


  1. We couldn't get our sugar snow (like Little House) to work so share if it works for you!

  2. We do it when we get a good snow, inspired by Laura and Mary too. But not heated. It's not gross at all!

  3. Jessy, I will! It snowed today again, so we might be able to try tomorrow:)

    Sharron, so neat you've done it, too! And thank you for not thinking it's gross :-D

  4. looks yummy! kids would love that :)

  5. what a fun idea! all that snow should be useful for something! however, i'm of the camp that prefers something warm to greet me after a cold outing. ;)

  6. what fun- my grandmother used to do this for my father and uncle when they were boys - we live in southwest florida - I don't think it would be the same with sand- lol - Hey, we have a link up going on that I'd love to have you add this to- it's Kids in the Kitchen - (kids not required in the pics) we are encouraging family time in the kitchen - this is totally a fun family food project! ;)

  7. Thank you so much for linking up with kids in the kitchen :)

  8. Alecia, wish we could bring down to you:)

    jdavis2, I hear you, but that day was so nice we actually weren't cold at all!

    Kelli, this is definitely a northern dessert:) Thanks for the tip, I was happy to link up!

    Come on up, Nicole:)

  9. I have had snow, but I never thought of adding anything to it. Pretty cool. Yes, I would try it. I know my kids would love it! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Kids in the Kitchen! :)

  10. Carrie, you should try it! My youngest now says it is her favorite dessert:)

  11. I LOVE Little House on the Prairie and I have always wanted to do this!!! Thank you for linking up with "Look What We Did"!

  12. Theresa, thanks for the link-up! It was a fun and yummy thing to do:)

  13. I grew up with my daddy making this for us each winter. I LOVE it! He also used to make "snow ice cream." He would take new snow, pour heavy cream, sugar and little vanilla in it for us and lightly mix it... oh what SWEET memories!
    I have tried to make the hard candy too... yummy! I love real maple syrup!
    I wish I could say we had snow this winter to try some of these treats but we had very little moisture all winter:( Sadly, the dust is already blowing in our part of the world.
    thanks for sharing your winter adventures!

  14. Gayly, the snow ice cream sounds yummy, too! Our candy making didn't really work out, but it was still good:)