Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snippets from the Road/Hetkiä tien päällä


At the moment we are settling in at a campground, but I had two more travel collages to post. The top one is from yesterday as we were filling the Mothership propane tanks (yay for hot water and heat!). We needed to step out of the motorhome during the filling, and had an impromptu homeschool roadschool PE break with red light green light game. So much fun!!! We all played:) Right there in a corner of the gas station parking lot (yes, it was safe)!


This second collage is random pictures from yesterday as were getting homeschool done. Ok, ok, Mr. T is not doing school while on our bed - he is listening to his audio book:) And Mr. D is playing a game with Little Miss in that first pic. But we did get quite a bit of school done. And propane tanks filled, coach batteries replaced, oil changed, voting done, a rental car picked up, got to be rescued by the rental car company, groceries picked up, campground site secured... Busy, busy.

We have really been enjoying our Mothership stay. It's a bit squishy and crowded, the kitchen teeny and laundry challenging, but we love it! It is SO good to have this special family time..

Ps. Did you have a chance to vote for our blog? TY!!!


Muutama kuva vielä tien päältä. Ekassa leikitään peiliä huoltoaseman parkkipaikalla (turvallisesti) sillä välin kun asuntoauton kaasutankkeja täytettiin. Oli tosi hauskaa:) Tokassa kuvassa lähinnä koulukuvia, paitsi Mr. T makailee meidän sängyn päällä kuunnellen kirjaansa. Meillä on kivaa Mothershipissä!!

Ps. Kävitkö jo äänestämässä meidän blogia? Kiitos:)


  1. You missed it! Snow arrived last night for lots of us. I guess I shouldn't have hung my laundry out to dry yesterday afternoon...::wink::

  2. Jessy, as much as I love snow I am so happy to be in FL at the moment, lol! We'll come enjoy the snow later in the season:)